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Pool Houses

Your pool party is making a big splash and your guests are having a wonderful time! But the bathroom is inside your dry house and where can your guests change out of their wet bathing suits? And where to put the food to keep it dry and out of the sun? You need a pool house!

At Outdoor Personia, we custom-build pool houses that fit your backyard space and lifestyle. Whatever your needs, we take pride in personalizing your outdoor living spaces. Your pool house will minimize foot traffic into your home by providing a place to change, plus you can add a bathroom or even a shower! Consider incorporating an outdoor kitchen and serving area into your custom-built pool house, invite your guests to change then stay for dinner after a refreshing swim!

Our design experts love helping our customers in all New England states to create quality-built pool houses that fit perfectly into their lifestyles. Learn more below, or feel free to contact us and speak to a design consultant so you can relax and enjoy the party!

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Pool House Solutions

Other people like you have come to Outdoor Personia seeking solutions for their outdoor living spaces. Check out these project ideas and customer stories to see how we can personalize a solution for your individual needs. 

Custom 12x16 Swan Pool House

Custom 12×16 Swan Pool House in Uxbridge, MA

Custom 12x18 Swan Pool House

Custom 12×18 Swan Pool House in North Attleboro, MA

Custom 12x16 Trestle Storage Shed in Scituate, MA

Custom 12×16 Trestle Storage Shed in Scituate, MA

Custom 12x12 Swan Pool House in Middletown, RI

Custom 12×12 Swan Pool House in Middletown, RI

Custom 18x24 Swan Pool House in Hingham, MA

Custom 18×24 Pool House in Hingham, MA

Custom 10x14 Swan Pool House in Hanover, MA

Custom 10×14 Swan Pool House with Attached Pergola in Hanover, MA

Custom Swan Pool House in Hingham, MA

A 16×24 Swan Custom Pool House in Hingham, MA

16x18 Swan Custom Pool House

A 16×18 Swan Custom Pool House in Westwood, MA

Pool House Design Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions about Pool Houses

Pool houses vary in size with the most common being around 12 feet x 16 feet. The size of your pool house may just depend on what you intend to use it for, the size of your pool, or the size available around your swimming pool area. Our design team will be glad to help you size your custom pool house appropriately.

The best pool house foundation is masonry, ideally this is a continuation of the surface surrounding your swimming pool.

It depends on the town you live in. You will want to first research your local zoning laws, as well as any bylaws if you live within the jurisdiction of a Homeowner’s Association. Our staff will be glad to assist you throughout the permitting process.

A pool house should accommodate your needs poolside as well as reflecting the basic style of your property. Standard pool house accommodations would include a storage area, a seperate changing room, a bathroom, or possibly an entertaining area – many of our clients even incorporate an outdoor kitchen. Whatever your lifestyle or entertaining goals, we’ll collaborate on building a custom pool house that’s right for you.

The price of a custom pool house varies greatly, no two structures are the same so it depends on your dreams for your backyard space. Contact our design team for a free, no obligation consultation and proposal for the pool house to match your budget.

A pool house doesn’t need to look exactly like your home, it serves a different function and rarely needs to be as involved as planning and building an actual house. However, pool houses should integrate with your home’s style and color as well as poolside surroundings. Our design team will assist you in a creating a custom pool house that compliments the style of your backyard and poolside environment.

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