Custom 8x14 Shed Greenhouse Combo
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Shed Greenhouse Combos

Our Shed Greenhouse Combos are a convenient and space-efficient solution by seamlessly integrating storage space for tools and equipment with a greenhouse for cultivating plants. These dual-purpose structures not only maximize limited backyard space but also provide for year-round gardening opportunities. A shed greenhouse combo allows you to protect delicate plants during colder seasons while keeping essential gardening supplies organized and easily accessible. 

This unique and practical style combines the fun and benefits of a working greenhouse with the value of an enclosed storage shed. The shed portion is built using our typical level of quality craftsmanship and the greenhouse portion is wood-framed with durable polyacrylic walls and roofing to diffuse the sun’s rays while still retaining the natural solar heat. As well as including a number of potting bench and shelf options, we offer a variety of ventilation and fan options for regulating internal temperatures. 

These custom shed greenhouse combo structures are a versatile and practical investment for those seeking an efficient and cost-effective solution for combining both storage and gardening needs. Get a head start on spring planting now!  

Outdoor Personia will prepare the foundation, obtain any needed permits, and work with you to make your dreams of a beautiful, fully functioning custom greenhouse a reality! Feel free to contact us today and learn more about our custom Haven Greenhouses.

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Custom Shed Greenhouse Combo Solutions

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Custom 8x14 Haven Greenhouse

Custom 8×14 Shed Greenhouse Combo in Wrentham, MA

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