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Are you looking for a weather vane to perch on your cupola or rooftop? Weather vanes combine function with beauty and style for a handsome addition to your home or garage.

Outdoor Personia offers dozens of weather vane designs for you to choose from. Our weather vane options include the traditional rooster in addition to wildlife, nautical and marine life themes, horses, mermaids, and many more.

These weather vanes will give you many years of faithful service in all kinds of weather.

Get good answers about outdoor accents and trustworthy recommendations from the experts at Outdoor Personia.

Outdoor Personia ships weather vanes to the lower 48 states.

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Custom Weathervanes


Smithsonian Eagle – Polished

Smithsonian Eagle – Golden Leaf Silo

Smithsonian Eagle – Blue Verde

Majestic Eagle – Polished

Freedom Eagle – Polished

Eagle – Gold and Black Aluminum

American Eagle – Polished

American Bald Eagle – Polished


Trotting Horse – Polished

Smithsonian Horse – Polished

Large Horse – Polished

Large Horse – Blue Verde

Jumping Horse and Rider – Polished

Horse – Copper and Black Aluminum


Yawl – Blue Verde

Yacht – Blue Verde and Black Aluminum

Whale – Polished

Smithsonian Sailboat – Polished

Shark – Polished

Shark – Grey

Schooner – Black Aluminum

Save the Whales – Polished

Racing Sloop – Polished

Racing Sloop – Copper and Brass

Marlin – Polished

Large Whale – Blue Verde

Dolphin – Blue Verde

Bass with Lure – Polished


Smithsonian Rooster – Polished

Rooster – Polished

Rooster – Gold and Black Aluminum

Rooster – Blue Verde

Proud Rooster – Polished

Proud Rooster – Copper and Brass

Proud Rooster – Blue Verde

Crowing Rooster – Polished

Barn Rooster – Polished

Bantam Rooster – Polished

Bantam Rooster – Red and Copper

27″ Rooster – Polished

25″ Rooster – Polished

25″ Rooster – Blue Verde

Various Animals

White Tail Buck – Polished

Proud Buck – Polished

Proud Buck – Brown

Pig – Black Aluminum

Pelican – Blue Verde

Moose with Arrow – Polished

Moose – Black Aluminum

Landing Duck – Polished

Landing Duck – Blue Verde

Hummingbird – Polished

Hummingbird – Polished

Hummingbird – Blue Verde

Hummingbird – Black Aluminum

Heron – Blue Verde

Hawk – Polished

Graceful Blue Heron – Polished

Graceful Blue Heron – Blue Verde

Golden Retriever with Arrow – Polished

Fox – Polished

Flying Pig – Polished

Flying Pig – Polished

Flying Duck – Black Aluminum

Flying Duck

Deer – Polished

Deer – Blue Verde

Country Pig – Polished

Blue Heron – Polished

Bear with Arrow – Polished

Bear – Black Aluminum


WineBottle – Polished

Victorian Arrow – Polished

Stained Glass Moon – Polished

Smithsonian Arrow – Polished

Shotgun – Polished

Pineapple – Polished

Motorcycle – Polished

Flag – Polished

Country Doctor – Gold & Black Aluminum

Bi-Plane – Polished

Arrow – Polished

American Flag – Colored

Weathervane Solutions

Other people like you have come to Outdoor Personia seeking solutions for their outdoor living spaces. Check out these project ideas and customer stories to see how we can personalize a solution for your individual needs. 

Custom Faux Chimney and Cupola

Custom Zephyr Faux Chimney and Cupola in Hanover, MA

A custom Zephyr Cupola with a weathervane on top.

A Zephyr Custom Cupola in Scituate, MA

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