Recent Projects

Outdoor Personia In stock Chicken Coops
Owning a chicken coop offers a multitude of benefits, transforming your outdoor space into a hub of sustainability, self-sufficiency, and joy. One of the primary advantages is the daily yield of fresh and nutritious eggs. Homegrown eggs not only taste great but also are rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
December 7, 2023
Custom 10x12 Storage Shed Front
Our client, Corrine, had an existing 6×10 shed that was experiencing damaging rot and was beyond repair. She needed the shed replaced for better storage space for her garden tools, bikes, and additional general storage. Her ideal dream structure would have plenty of interior storage space as well as an attached ramp sturdy enough for her snow blower and lawn mower. Corrine visited our Bellingham Design Center to discuss options. After meeting with a Sales & Design Consultant, we recommended a Trestle Custom 10×12 Storage Shed.
November 22, 2023
Fiberglass pergolas for residential or commercial spaces
Fiberglass pergolas have become increasingly popular in outdoor living spaces due to their numerous benefits. These versatile structures offer a range of advantages that make them an excellent choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Outdoor Personia offers Swan Custom Fiberglass Pergolas that are proven to be incredibly durable. They are known for their longevity and are made with weather-resistant material protecting from rot, rust, and pests. This ensures that your investment will last for years, requiring minimal maintenance.
November 2, 2023
Custom 12x14 Storage Shed in Franklin, MA
Our client, Fred, had a small shed at the top of his driveway and wanted it replaced with a structure that when seen from the road would better match the style of his Franklin home’s exterior. As well as storing his lawnmower and garden tools, Fred dreamed of a shed with a covered porch to relax on after a long day of yard work. It was necessary for this structure to have plenty of interior storage space as well as an attached ramp sturdy enough for his snowblower and lawnmower. Fred definitely needed a personalized solution as he was having a new fence and retaining wall built and there was limited backyard space on his Franklin property to fit a new shed. After Fred visited our Bellingham Design Center we collaborated with him on the ideal solution: A Trestle Custom 12×14 Storage Shed.
October 25, 2023
10x12 Custom Greenhouse
Our client, Judy, is an avid gardener who recently retired and wanted to spend more time planting and growing on her property. She originally considered buying a greenhouse kit online, but after visiting our Hanover Design Center she realized that she would benefit from the type of quality structure that we could provide. Judy also wanted to extend her growing season in order to help cultivate her delicate orchid plantings. While at our design center, we were happy to learn about Judy’s vision and review the many options on how to make her dream a reality. After meeting, we visited her home in Pembroke, MA to view and examine her property. Judy’s yard contained an amazing collection of plant life including fruit trees and vegetable plants. Once we carefully measured the space within her backyard, we recommended a Custom 10×12 Haven Greenhouse.
October 13, 2023
Swan Custom Louvered Pergola
When it comes to enhancing your outdoor living experience, a Swan Custom Louvered Pergola takes it to another level of comfort. These versatile structures offer a variety of benefits that can transform your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and entertainment.
October 4, 2023
24x36 custom 3-car Garage in Marion, MA
Our client, James, had a large shed that was completely overloaded so he wanted to combine his basic storage needs with a new garage on his Marion, MA property. He was envisioning using two bays of the interior for his vehicles and the third for general storage and tools. James came into our Bellingham Design Center to meet a sales & design consultant and discuss his dreams of a new multi-functional garage to store all his gardening tools and supplies as well as protect his automobiles from the elements.
October 2, 2023
Vic and Selena are avid gardeners and knew that they wanted a greenhouse in order to extend their growing season. They decided to visit our Bellingham Design Center to see some various greenhouse options on our display lot. While at our design center, Vic and Selena met with one of our greenhouse design consultants to discuss their dream and review options. After meeting with the couple, we visited their Harrisville, Rhode Island home to examine the property and make a proper greenhouse recommendation. Once discussing and reviewing all the details of their dream, Vic and Selena decided on a Custom 8×14 Haven Greenhouse for their home.
September 15, 2023
10x14 Custom Storage Shed
Our client, Stephen, was running out of basement storage space and was ready to add a structure better equipped to solve his problem. He eventually visited our Bellingham Design Center to meet with a Sales and Design Consultant and liked the quality of samples located in our display yard. We discussed a variety of design ideas and agreed on an ideal solution for Stephen: A Trestle Custom 10×14 Storage Shed.
September 8, 2023
Seth has a beautiful hilltop property with an amazing view of the Manchester skyline and mountains surrounding the Merrimack River. He was currently in the process of renovating his swimming pool’s patio area and wanted to enhance his backyard with a structure that would provide an additional shaded space to enjoy while relaxing poolside. Outdoor Personia visited his Bedford, NH home to inspect his property and give a recommendation of what type of structure would best match his dream. Seth decided on a custom Swan Pavilion with a design that matched the style of his outdoor living space.
August 24, 2023