Recent Projects

Vic and Selena are avid gardeners and knew that they wanted a greenhouse in order to extend their growing season. They decided to visit our Bellingham Design Center to see some various greenhouse options on our display lot. While at our design center, Vic and Selena met with one of our greenhouse design consultants to discuss their dream and review options. After meeting with the couple, we visited their Harrisville, Rhode Island home to examine the property and make a proper greenhouse recommendation. Once discussing and reviewing all the details of their dream, Vic and Selena decided on a Custom 8×14 Haven Greenhouse for their home.
September 15, 2023
10x14 Custom Storage Shed
Our client, Stephen, was running out of basement storage space and was ready to add a structure better equipped to solve his problem. He eventually visited our Bellingham Design Center to meet with a Sales and Design Consultant and liked the quality of samples located in our display yard. We discussed a variety of design ideas and agreed on an ideal solution for Stephen: A Custom 10×14 Trestle Storage Shed.
September 8, 2023
Seth has a beautiful hilltop property with an amazing view of the Manchester skyline and mountains surrounding the Merrimack River. He was currently in the process of renovating his swimming pool’s patio area and wanted to enhance his backyard with a structure that would provide an additional shaded space to enjoy while relaxing poolside. Outdoor Personia visited his Bedford, NH home to inspect his property and give a recommendation of what type of structure would best match his dream. Seth decided on a custom Swan Pavilion with a design that matched the style of his outdoor living space.
August 24, 2023
David’s property has a beautiful backyard overlooking a lake with walking paths that wind through gardens where he loves to spend time cultivating his many flowering plants and herbs. He wanted a structure to help extend the growing season but would also compliment the beauty of his backyard space. David visited our Hanover Design Center to meet with one of our design consultants and share his dream. Ultimately, David decided that the best structure option would be a custom 8×10 Haven Greenhouse. The greenhouse we recommended includes many personalized features that met his expectations.
August 14, 2023
Bernadette always dreamed of owning a backyard greenhouse to supplement her love for planting and gardening. She wanted to extend the growing season allowing her to plant seedlings year-round. A greenhouse in her backyard would also protect her plants from pests, weeds, diseases, and extreme weather changes. Bernadette discovered Outdoor Personia at the Connecticut Flower Show and really liked the quality of our display models. She discussed her vision with a design consultant to collaborate on the ideal solution of a Custom 8×10 Haven Greenhouse.
August 3, 2023
Tracene owns a number of horses and needed to board them at an outside professional equestrian center. She had always dreamed of caring for her horses on her own property so she visited our Bellingham Design Center to discuss her situation and what solutions we can provide. After visiting Tracene’s backyard and learning more about what was required to care for her horses we recommended a Custom 12×48 Trestle Shed Row Barn.
July 31, 2023
Nan has a home-based organic seed company and wanted to extend the growing season for the plants she cultivates on her farm. She visited our Bellingham Design Center to see examples of our structures and to talk about some features she wanted included in her ideal greenhouse. Nan considered a variety of styles and options and once we understood her dream, we recommended a 12×16 Custom Haven Greenhouse.
July 26, 2023
8x10 Haven Classic Greenhouse
Deb and Mike loved gardening as a hobby they could enjoy together. They had dreamed of a greenhouse to grow their fig trees and a variety of other plants year-round. The couple wanted to free up some space within their Sherborne, MA home where they had been storing all their plants in trees in a crowded sunroom. Deb came into our Bellingham Design Center where we collaborated to discuss a variety of options including potting benches at the perfect height and easy-to-manage ventilation systems. Deb wanted us to keep the details of the project a secret as it was going to be a big surprise for her husband Mike!
July 21, 2023
Custom Faux Chimney and Cupola
John had been dreaming of adding a cupola atop his home’s roof. He eventually came into our Hanover Design Center to discuss his options and choose a design best suited for the situation. While we were planning out his project, John shared his concern that the existing faux chimney on his home’s roof was beginning to deteriorate and would detract from the look of his new Custom Zephyr Cupola and Weathervane. We recommended that he also add a new Zephyr Faux Chimney constructed of maintenance-free materials that would better stand the test of time.
July 10, 2023
12x28 Swan Pavilion in Smithfield, RI
Charles and his wife Kerry enjoy relaxing and entertaining on their patio and wanted to include a structure for additional shade. We met Charles at a home show and he was impressed with the quality of our work on display. The couple then visited our Bellingham Design Center where we collaborated in understanding their goal to match the Tuscan-influenced backyard they had created including a stone fireplace and Mediterranean-inspired statuaries. We recommended a custom Swan Pavilion with a design that matches the style of their outdoor living space.
July 7, 2023
Trestle Custom Garage converted into Rustic Barn
Our client, Jack, had a dream of adding a classic New England-style barn to his Bellingham property and was researching the best resource to understand his vision. He wanted to partner with a local company to provide complete project services including design, permitting, framing, and interior finishing, including all plumbing and electrical connections. Jack visited our Bellingham Design Center where we listened to his ideas and collaborated on the right solution to match his vision. Not to be overlooked, Jack’s son had an upcoming wedding and we were on a deadline to have this structure ready to host the reception celebration!
May 3, 2023
10x14 Home Office Shed-Shed exterior
Our client, Jan Goodman, runs a successful interior/exterior landscaping business, Boston Cityscapes, and was outgrowing the busy home office space inside her Pembroke home. Jan figured the best option was to expand her home’s workspace and move it out into her beautiful backyard. She visited our Hanover Design Center to share her vision and discuss the various ways she planned to use a home office studio.
May 3, 2023
Custom 3 car Trestle Garage
John realized that his home’s lower-level garage wasn’t providing enough space for both storage and parking his family’s growing car collection. He came into our Bellingham Design Center to meet a custom garage consultant and discuss his dreams of a new spacious detached garage. John wanted his dream garage to have enough room to park up to 3 vehicles and have plenty of loft space….
December 24, 2022
10x12 Haven Greenhouse
Our client, Roy, enjoys gardening and needed a solution to keep rodents and deer from eating what he planned on cultivating including fresh vegetables, fig trees, and even mini bonsai trees. He also wanted to extend his growing season and enjoy his hobby beyond what the New England climate allows. Roy visited our Bellingham Design Center where he viewed display models of our wood-framed greenhouses. He liked what he saw and discussed his vision with a design consultant to collaborate on the ideal solution: a Custom 10×12 Haven Greenhouse.
November 18, 2022
Custom 12x30 Greenhouse
For nearly 175 years, Sacred Heart School has served as the top Catholic independent school for girls and young women in Connecticut. Located on a beautiful campus in Greenwich, CT, one of the school’s goals is: All members of the School community will support a clean, healthy, and safe environment.
October 17, 2022
Custom 12x16 Swan Pool House
Brian was very happy when we helped him build just the right storage shed for his Uxbridge property. He was now in the process of adding a swimming pool so he returned to our Bellingham Design Center to share his vision of a pool house for storage and entertaining family & friends.
September 15, 2022
Custom 12x18 Swan Pool House
Our clients, Adam & Danielle, were in the process of renovating their backyard including a new swimming pool and surrounding patio space. To complete their vision of creating a summer destination spot, the couple dreamed of a pool house for storage, changing and entertaining guests. They visited our Bellingham, MA Design Center to view options and share their plans with a Design Consultant.
August 26, 2022
Custom 8x14 Haven Greenhouse
Our client, Cheryl, loves gardening and was ready to take her hobby to the next level. She wanted to add a greenhouse to her beautiful home’s property for easy potting and to grow in the off-season. Also, an attached space for storage of gardening tools would be ideal for her situation. Cheryl visited our Bellingham Design Center where she shared her vision with a design consultant and collaborated on the ideal solution: a custom 8×14 Haven Greenhouse with an attached storage shed
August 13, 2022
10x18 Swan Pavilion in Norfolk, MA
Jack and Nina enjoy entertaining or just relaxing by their swimming pool. The poolside patio area is mostly in full sun and they wanted a large structure for shade over their outdoor furniture. The couple visited our Bellingham Design Center, where we collaborated on the design of a custom 10×18 Swan Wood Pavilion.
July 28, 2022
Custom 12x16 Trestle Storage Shed in Scituate, MA
Our client, David, was adding a new swimming pool and surrounding patio area to his property in Scituate MA. He wanted a structure, close to his pool, to store his garden tools and pool supplies while still complementing the look of his beautiful home’s exterior. David visited our Hanover Design Center where we collaborated on creating his vision and we agreed that a 12×16 Trestle Shed would be exactly what he needed.
July 15, 2022
Custom 12x12 Swan Pool House in Middletown, RI
Our client, Louis, was adding a new pool and surrounding patio area to his home in Middletown, Rhode Island. To complete his plan for a summer destination spot, Louis envisioned a pool house for storage and for entertaining guests. His pool contractor suggested he visit our Bellingham, MA Design Center to view options and share his dream with a Design Consultant.
June 30, 2022
12x24 Trestle Storage Shed
As an accomplished homesteader, Godwin’s collection of backyard animals was rapidly increasing and he needed more room for animal feed and storing all his gardening supplies. After consulting with a number of retailers and contractors in the area, he then visited our Hanover Design Center where he found the perfect solution right in our display yard. Godwin’s search was over as this 12×24 Trestle Storage Shed was exactly what he was looking for!
May 11, 2022
An attached Custom Swan Vinyl Pergola in Southborough, MA
Our client, Tom, was in the process of completely renovating his outdoor living area. Part of his dream backyard included a stone patio overlooking his beautiful swimming pool. Unfortunately, his home’s entire backyard is in direct sunlight and he needed a solution for providing shade.
March 30, 2022
Custom 18x24 Swan Pool House in Hingham, MA
Mike was in the process of giving his home’s backyard a complete makeover including a new swimming pool and surrounding patio living area. To complete his dream of providing his family a backyard destination, Mike wanted to add a pool house to serve as a storage and changing room as well as an outdoor entertaining spot.
March 9, 2022
A Custom 6x9 Trestle Garden Shed in Norwell, MA
Joe was having a complete renovation to the landscaping on his Norwell, MA property and envisioned the perfect spot to put a new shed for garden tools and general storage. He visited our Hanover Design Center where we discussed his options and eventually recommended a structure that was a good fit for Joe’s needs – a Custom 6×9 Trestle Shed.
February 17, 2022
A Custom Swan Wood two-Tiered Pergola
Armand and Olga had a new stone patio built complete with fireplace and brick pizza oven. The Shrewsbury couple now needed a way to provide shade over their new living space and had envisioned a two-tiered pergola. They consulted with a number of contractors, unfortunately, none were able to fully appreciate their concept.
February 4, 2022
14x40 Swan Wood Pergola
Andy wanted a special structure to highlight the walkway leading into his picturesque meadow. He visited our Bellingham Design Center to meet with us to explain his vision and discuss options. A design consultant visited his home to take measurements and thoroughly examine the layout of the property.
January 13, 2022
Custom 16x16 Swan Pavilion in Upton, MA
Steve’s family was enjoying their new beautiful swimming pool and patio but his home’s backyard space was missing much-needed shade for relief on hot sunny days! Steve viewed examples on our website and was inspired to visit our Bellingham location to discuss options and find a solution to his problem. Our design consultant visited Steve’s property and examined the area to get a complete picture of the situation.
January 6, 2022
Custom 10x14 Swan Pool House in Hanover, MA
Lisa and Darrell were adding a new pool and surrounding patio area to their beautiful home’s backyard. To complete their dream of creating a new backyard oasis, the couple wanted to add a pool house to serve as both a changing room and outdoor entertaining spot. After they visited our Design Center, we were happy to discuss options and recommend the right structure to match their vision: A custom 10×14 Swan Pool House.
January 4, 2022
Custom 12x16 Swan Pergola in Medway, MA
Mark and Karen wanted to enjoy sitting out on their back porch’s deck but unfortunately, their Medway home is in direct sunlight most of the day with little opportunity for shade. The couple was referred to us by their neighbors who, as previous clients, gladly recommended us to help solve the issue.
December 6, 2021
Custom 10x12 Swan Gazebo
Our client, Helen, was having her backyard patio area remodeled and wanted a special place to sit out of the sun while remaining bug-free on summer evenings. She visited our Bellingham Design Center where we discussed the best solution to meet her needs. After collaborating on options we ultimately recommended a Custom 10×12 Swan Gazebo.
November 29, 2021
Custom 10x14 Trestle Storage Shed
Jack had an old, rotting storage shed on his Mendon property and was ready for both an upgrade in quality and size in a structure that could store his garden tools and park his riding lawn mower. He visited our Bellingham Design Center where we discussed his options and eventually decided on a structure that was a good fit for Jack’s needs – a Custom 10×14 Trestle Shed.
November 26, 2021
Custom 12x12 Greenhouse
Our client is an avid gardener and needed a large enclosed environment to cultivate his many potted plants year-round. He visited our Hanover Design Center where he shared his vision as we collaborated on the ideal solution: A Custom 12×12 Haven Greenhouse. The greenhouse’s sturdy wooden structure is framed with pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine. The lower section consists of 30″ knee walls covered with DuraTech siding with the top portion of walls and ceiling constructed with UV coated polycarbonate panels. Either entrance has an insulated vinyl exterior door and the floor level consists of finely crushed stone for efficient irrigation.
November 15, 2021
Outdoor Personia Team
A big thank you to the amazing Outdoor Personia Team during our most recent Day of Charitable Giving! Everyone contributed with a real sense of fellowship and gratitude as we helped our community neighbors in need.
October 4, 2021
Swan 10x18 Pool House for Kays Restaurant in Woonsocket, RI
Kay’s Restaurant, a popular family-style destination in Woonsocket RI, had introduced outdoor dining and was looking for a structure to shelter their waitstaff from the elements. Dave, the owner, came into our Bellingham Design Center and spotted the perfect solution right in our display lot! Our pre-built Swan 10×18 Pool House would serve as the ideal structure to assist his waitstaff and double as an outdoor dining countertop.
August 26, 2021
15x25 Trestle Storage Shed with Screened-In Porch in Needham, MA
Eli was looking for a better structure for his storage needs but his family also wanted protection from bugs sitting outside on warm summer nights. He visited our Bellingham Design Center where he was hoping to find a solution to improve his backyard living space. Our shed design consultant listened to Eli’s story and then visited his Needham property to carefully examine and measure the space surrounding the house. They were able to collaborate on the perfect solution: A Custom 15×25 Trestle Shed with plenty of interior space including a 10×15 storage loft with an attached 10×10 screen-enclosed deck.
July 29, 2021
6x6 Garden Shed in Medford, MA
Joan has a passion for gardening and spends many hours enjoying her backyard space. She needed a better solution for storing her tools and garden accessories so she visited our Hanover Design Center to discuss her dream of the ideal garden shed. Our design consultant was then able to recommend the perfect solution: A 6×6 Trestle Shed with plenty of interior space and custom-built shelving for her tools and storage.
July 15, 2021
8x14 custom storage shed
David needed a better way to store his lawnmower and garden tools and dreamed of a structure that also would match the style of his Hingham, MA home’s exterior. He was also faced with the challenge of limited backyard space so needed a personalized solution for this dilemma. David came into our Hanover Design Center where we gladly discussed his options and reviewed examples from our website until we found the perfect match.
June 10, 2021
8x20 Trestle Storage Shed
Joe and his wife had just moved from their city apartment to a new home in Weymouth and wanted to make the most of their backyard space. Joe visited our Hanover Design Center and wanted a structure for storage of his new lawnmower and garden tools with an attached area for entertaining beside his outdoor patio. His backyard had a narrow strip of level land before a sharp wooded drop off so the existing space was limited.
May 13, 2021
Trestle Custom 24x24 Garage in Lincoln, RI
Joe and Anne Marie just moved into their dream home situated right on a beautiful golf course in Lincoln, RI. Unfortunately, the existing property included a small, one-car garage that definitely needed to be replaced. The couple wanted an interior space to park both of their cars with some extra room for tools and a loft for added storage. They both came into our Bellingham Design Center and spoke to a garage consultant to discuss a plan that matched their dreams for a new structure.
April 12, 2021
Custom 3 car garage in Ashland, Massachusetts
Scott had an old and unusable garage on his property and was ready to add a functional attached garage to his historic home. He came into our Bellingham Design Center to meet a custom garage consultant to discuss his dreams for a new structure. Scott wanted his garage to have enough room for plenty of storage, contain a laundry area, and still park up to three vehicles. In addition, he wanted the new garage’s exterior to have a classic New England barn-style that also worked with the historic look of his existing home.
March 23, 2021
One Car Garage
Steve was ready to retire and was eager to devote more time to his woodworking hobby. His home’s crowded basement wasn’t providing him enough space for his expanding workbench so he came into our Bellingham Design Center to discuss his situation.
March 15, 2021
Two car Trestle Garage with Zephr Cupola.
William was paying to keep his prized car collection in storage and wanted a better solution giving him easier access to park and maintain his vehicles with plenty of space for added storage. He was referred to us by a friend and liked the examples he was seeing on our website. After visiting our Bellingham Design Center we sat with William and thoroughly discussed his goals, and began the process of planning his ideal garage. Outdoor Personia walked William through our collaborative process and provided him with services including acquiring necessary permits, preparing the site, and creating final drawings for approval.
February 22, 2021
Custom Swan Pool House in Hingham, MA
Matt’s backyard was receiving a complete makeover and he wanted a functional pool house to provide storage, privacy, and a comfortable place for his family to hang out by their new swimming pool. After visiting our Hanover Design Center, Matt shared his vision and we were able to collaborate on designing a 16×24 Swan Custom Pool House that would live up to his expectations. We handled all phases of the building process including obtaining all necessary permits and coordinating with his landscape and pool contractors.
January 29, 2021
16x18 Swan Custom Pool House
John was in the process of adding a new swimming pool as well as renovating his backyard landscaping and surrounding patio area. His dream was a poolside structure primarily used for entertaining that included a full-service bar with beverage tap, big screen TV, heated seating area, interior bathroom and changing area, plus enclosed storage space. John liked examples of various pool house projects on our website so he came into our Hanover Design Center for an expert consultation.
January 18, 2021