Recent Projects

Custom 10'x18' Vinyl Pergola
Tegra Medical, a worldwide medical device manufacturer, was planning a new outdoor patio area complete with picnic tables for employees to enjoy breaktimes during all shifts at their Franklin, MA headquarters. The space designated for this patio is unfortunately located in direct sunlight so they needed a shade solution to provide a more comfortable experience. Outdoor Personia was contacted by their facilities manager to discuss his company’s vision for this patio project and to introduce us to their commercial landscape architect.
May 21, 2024
Custom 6x10 Chicken Coop in Brookline, MA
Our client, Brian, was renovating his Brookline, MA property and wanted to add a professionally-built chicken coop that integrated into his backyard’s landscaping and also matched the style of his existing home. He visited our Bellingham Design Center where he shared his vision and viewed samples of our various structures with an Outdoor Personia Design Consultant. After discussing various options that matched the requirements from Brian’s wish list, we recommended a Custom 6×10 Chicken Coop.
April 11, 2024
Custom 15x17 Vinyl Pergola in Salem, NH
Patti and Steve enjoyed sitting out on their back sundeck and wanted to add a custom pergola to provide shade from the direct sunlight. Their deck contains a large hot tub, so Patti and Steve wanted their pergola to include side shade options for added privacy as well as minimizing the late afternoon sunlight. The couple visited our Bellingham Design Center to see various pergola materials and styles and discuss the details of their dream pergola with a Sales & Design Consultant.
April 5, 2024
Custom 14x16 Pavilion in Smithfield
Our clients Julie and Bill, were having a complete renovation to their backyard including a large inground pool and surrounding patio. They wanted a shady area to dine and entertain poolside and while researching a variety of resources their pool contractor recommended Outdoor Personia as a reliable partner. After an initial consultation to learn about their dream and explore options we visited the couple’s Smithfield property to examine the space and consider options. Their Sales & Design consultant eventually recommended a Swan Custom 14×16 Pavilion.
March 12, 2024
Custom 30x45 Vinyl Swing Set
Greg had been looking around for a quality-built vinyl swing set that was durable enough for his kids to play on in the safety of his spacious backyard. After unsuccessfully searching elsewhere, Greg then visited our Bellingham Design Center where he was able to share his vision and personally inspect the quality of our Sierra Vinyl Swing Sets located in our display lot.
February 6, 2024
Custom 12x20 Shed Row Horse Barn
Lisa owns a beautiful horse, Cupid, and needed to board him at an outside professional equestrian center. She had always dreamed of caring for Cupid on her own property, so a neighbor recommended that she visit our Hanover Design Center to discuss the situation and learn what solutions we could provide. After visiting Lisa’s beautiful Norwell home and learning more about what was required to care for her horse, we then recommended a Trestle Custom 12×20 Shed Row Horse Barn.
January 25, 2024
Custom 21x24 Wood Pergola
Mark and Michelle had a unique situation where they could walk straight from the lawn of their Malden home’s backyard on to the roof of their detached 2-car garage. They wanted to transform this rooftop space into a spot to relax in the shade and entertain family and friends while enjoying the beautiful view it provides. The pair had unsuccessfully searched for a wood pergola that would fit this specific space so they eventually visited our Hanover Design Center to explain their vision.
January 11, 2024
Outdoor Personia Shed Greenhouse Combo with Chicken Coop
A Shed Greenhouse Combo combines the fun and benefits of a working backyard greenhouse with the value of an enclosed storage shed. As a bonus, this unique and practical structure features a chicken coop incorporated into the interior’s design.
December 26, 2023
Outdoor Personia In stock Chicken Coops
Owning a chicken coop offers a multitude of benefits, transforming your outdoor space into a hub of sustainability, self-sufficiency, and joy. One of the primary advantages is the daily yield of fresh and nutritious eggs. Homegrown eggs not only taste great but also are rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
December 7, 2023
Custom 10x12 Storage Shed Front
Our client, Corrine, had an existing 6×10 shed that was experiencing damaging rot and was beyond repair. She needed the shed replaced for better storage space for her garden tools, bikes, and additional general storage. Her ideal dream structure would have plenty of interior storage space as well as an attached ramp sturdy enough for her snow blower and lawn mower. Corrine visited our Bellingham Design Center to discuss options. After meeting with a Sales & Design Consultant, we recommended a Trestle Custom 10×12 Storage Shed.
November 22, 2023