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Custom Greenhouses

Wouldn’t you love to maintain a garden year-round? Always have the smell of fresh herbs and the taste of garden tomatoes in any weather. Imagine having a solar-heated sanctuary to keep your plants healthy in the middle of harsh New England winters, or get a jump start on the growing season where you can plant early before moving them to the outdoor garden. Outdoor Personia can make this dream a reality by custom designing a quality, hand-crafted Haven Greenhouse just for you.

Our deluxe pressure-treated pine or cedar wood framed greenhouses offer many features and styles including freestanding, lean-to, and even some with an attached storage shed. You can include benches for easy potting, window ventilation to control the summer heat or an electric package for fans and lighting. Our personalized wooden greenhouses can offer unique features to match each person’s needs.

Your new backyard oasis can also be used as a home office, she-shed, or the perfect place to just relax. What other ways would you use this naturally heated space? Stop by either of our two design centers in Bellingham, or Hanover, Massachusetts, or contact one of our design consultants today and let us know what kind of greenhouse you’ve been dreaming about!

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Custom Greenhouse Solutions

Other people like you have come to Outdoor Personia seeking solutions for their outdoor living spaces. Check out these project ideas and customer stories to see how we can personalize a solution for your individual needs. 

10x12 Custom Greenhouse

Custom 10×12 Greenhouse in Pembroke, MA

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Custom 8×10 Haven Greenhouse in Hyannis, MA

Custom 8×10 Greenhouse in Madison, CT

12x16 Custom Haven Greenhouse

Custom 12×16 Haven Greenhouse in Union, CT

8x10 Haven Classic Greenhouse

Custom 8×10 Haven Greenhouse in Sherborne, MA

10x12 Haven Greenhouse

Custom 10×12 Haven Greenhouse in Acton, MA

Custom 12x30 Greenhouse

Custom 12×30 Greenhouse for Sacred Heart School in Greenwich, CT

Greenhouse Design Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions about Greenhouses

  • A greenhouse is a warmer and more humid environment than the outdoors, providing an ideal climate for growing flowers, vegetables, and herbs. You can extend the limited New England growing season by planting early and move your harvest to an outside garden for the summer.
  • As well as protecting your plants from harsh weather, you won’t have to worry about pests like deer, insects, rodents, or hungry birds.
  • With the increasing trend of organically grown fruits and vegetables, year-round organic planting has become an essential lifestyle choice as well as saving money on store-bought produce.
  • A personalized greenhouse is a perfect place to relax and enjoy being outside even during the coldest winter months.

Pre-built greenhouse kits do not include expert installation. The homeowner is solely responsible for either building the structure or hiring a costly professional contractor. 

Many greenhouse kits are framed with lightweight aluminum to keep shipping costs low and may be susceptible to the high winds and harsh temperatures of the Northeast. If the ground is not properly prepared and level the structure’s materials can crack or warp over time. Outdoor Personia greenhouses far exceed kit greenhouses in quality and beauty.

Outdoor Personia will prepare the foundation, obtain any needed permits, and work with you to make your dreams of a beautiful, fully functioning greenhouse a reality!

Outdoor Personia frames our structures with a variety of materials including pressure-treated southern yellow pine or stained cedar wood with weather-resistant metal trim. 

Durable polyacrylic clear walls and roofing diffuse the sun’s rays while still retaining the natural solar heat. You can also choose from a number of floor types for best drainage. The solid knee walls can support an optional bench for potting and choose to cover the exterior with painted Duratemp siding or stained cedar shingles.

You can include optional benches for easy potting, window ventilation to control internal temperatures  or an electric package for fans and lighting. The outer dimensions and base wall can be built at various sizes as well as adding an enclosed storage shed section.

Paint the Duratemp siding with the color of your choice, or cover the exterior with stained cedar shingles. 

Add window ventilation to control internal temperatures or an electric package for fans and lighting. The outer dimensions and base wall can be built in various sizes.

A backyard greenhouse can extend the growing season very effectively. Start your tomatoes early in the spring for planting out into the garden. Plant lettuce, kale, or spinach almost year-round. Just be careful to get the proper varieties from your seed company because some lettuce varieties do well in cool climate conditions and others do better in the summer heat.  

Dwarf varieties of citrus and other fruit trees are also fun to raise in a greenhouse!

You will find the most significant advantage in extending the growing season in early spring and late into the fall. It often depends on what you want to grow and how much you want to spend. Some varieties of greens can be grown all through winter in a small greenhouse with minimal heating, while other plants require a lot more care. We recommend that you research any plants you are considering planting first.

It is essential to find just the right location for your greenhouse. Not only do you want it to look great on your property, but it should be placed in a spot where the plants will thrive. We recommend that you choose a place away from the shade, and if you are considering a greenhouse with the attached storage shed, the shed portion should be on the north side of the greenhouse. It’s usually not difficult to decide on the best spot for your location, we’ll be happy to help you in the process.

  • Consider growing micro-greens (also called vegetable confetti) in your greenhouse. This intensive planting and harvesting of greens is a sensible way to add variety to your diet.
  • Grow and eat your own lettuce year-round. By planting different varieties at different times of the year, you will have a constant supply available to harvest.
  • Have you thought about growing fruit in your greenhouse space? There are some varieties of cherries, grapes, and lemons that can be grown in a small container.
  • Wooden greenhouses provide personal outdoor living spaces. Your new backyard oasis can be the perfect place for a home office, she-shed, or just a place to get away and relax!
  • To read more about greenhouses click here.

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