A 16×18 Custom Pool House in Westwood, MA

John was in the process of adding a new swimming pool as well as renovating his backyard landscaping and surrounding patio area. His dream was a poolside structure primarily used for entertaining that included a full-service bar with beverage tap, big screen TV, heated seating area, interior bathroom and changing area, plus enclosed storage space. John liked examples of various pool house projects on our website so he came into our Hanover Design Center for an expert consultation.

We recommended that a 16×18 Swan Custom Pool House would be exactly what he needed. Once we collaborated with John on the final design, Outdoor Personia then handled all the paperwork and permitting and was able to coordinate the many details of the project with his landscape contractor. The bar’s decorative stone-face wainscot matches the look of his new patio and the cedar shake siding also perfectly matches his impressive home’s exterior style.

The cathedral ceiling over the granite top bar area has beautiful recessed lights, a lighted ceiling fan, weatherproof speakers and heating units for all-season sports viewing and entertaining! On the front side of the structure are two 10′ vinyl columns supporting the roof’s reverse gable dormer with octagonal window and topped off with a stunning copper roof Zephyr Cupola.

John couldn’t be happier with his backyard’s transformation; he now has a beautiful oasis to be enjoyed by family and friends for generations! If you are thinking of transforming your backyard living space, feel free to contact one of our design experts today!

16x18 Swan Custom Pool House

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