6 Awesome Ways You Can Use a Studio Shed

What’s so special about a studio shed? 

Sheds used to be backyard structures just used for storing our lawnmowers. But sheds have evolved dramatically over the years, and so have the uses. Enter the studio shed. 

Studio sheds are more than just pretty backyard sheds. They are cozy spaces designed to better your life. Outdoor Personia can make this dream a reality by adding insulation, heat, electricity, and Wi-Fi.  

Everyone can use a little more space and organization in their life. The options are endless, but here are a few of the common uses that we think are awesome and believe you will too.

a man working at his computer in a studio shed

1. Focus and be productive in your home office.

The world has changed and more people are working from home. After all, who doesn’t love that flexibility? But face it, the kitchen table is not the most productive work environment. And honestly, why crowd the rest of your home to carve out office space? Achieve a better work-life balance by taking your work outside of your home. Enjoy uninterrupted work and more productive meetings in your new office space

2. Learn something new in a study studio.


Homeschooling your kids is no easy feat. And having school at the kitchen table just adds to the challenge. With a studio shed, you can set up desks that are solely dedicated to school time to help your kids concentrate on their lessons! 

two children drawing in a studio shed

Study area

This private space can be a spot to learn those new skills and accomplish that project you’ve been dreaming about. A place to focus and hone in on learning. Whether it’s a new career or simply your favorite hobby, a studio shed will give you the space to focus and knock it out.

3. Pump iron or quietly meditate in a gym studio.

Who wants to pay for a gym membership? Save the membership fees and commute costs by investing in your own studio gym. Invite friends over and workout together. 

Meditating anyone? It doesn’t get more Zen than the solitude experienced within your own studio! Relax and meditate without interruption. Escape from daily life stresses and unwind. 

4. Indulge in your favorite hobby. 

Investing in a studio shed enables you to dedicate the space to your hobbies that they deserve. Have space for your hobbies to spread out and avoid taking up valuable space in your home.

A man painting in a studio shed

Art Studio

Whether your creative outlet is drawing, sculpting, painting, or writing, art can be a powerful mood lifter. The creative process needs its own space to practice, make mistakes, and learn. What better place to do that than an art studio? You will be able to create at the very moment inspiration strikes. 

Music Studio

Design a soundproof space to hold your equipment. Record in silence without intrusive noises to ruin the track. Or try out your new musical venture in peace. Don’t worry about disturbing anyone during long sessions of trial and error as you brainstorm and practice new pieces. 

Photography Studio 

Set up backgrounds and lights In their own dedicated spot. Unleash your inner photographer in a space all your own. Personalize your studio with as many windows as needed to capture natural light for more brilliant images. Express yourself with your camera! 

5. Change or chill in a beautiful pool house.

What better addition to your pool than a gorgeous pool house? Make your backyard oasis even more spectacular! A place to change, host parties for family and friends, or simply relax poolside. Brighten the look of your yard and add value to your property.  

6. Relax in your customized personal space. 

Make your personal space even more personalized. You deserve a private refuge right in your backyard! 

a comfy sofa and a shelf of books behind a desk in a studio shed

Man Cave

A space just for the boys. Invite the guys over to watch the game, play cards, or just hang out. Display your trophies. Properly store all of your hunting, fishing or sports gear without taking up space in the house. 

She Shed

Sometimes you just need a little break, and some peace and quiet.  A place to escape from the regular commotion of your house and do amazing things. This space is all your own so decorate however you like!    

Rec Room

Host birthday parties, playdates or movie nights! Let the kids burn off some energy without tearing up the house. Provide a space for your kids to have sleepovers without keeping you awake. The possibilities are endless.


A dedicated space for all your books! Make your library studio a cozy spot with lounge chairs, blankets, and plants. Escape into your favorite book within, a private haven away from life’s daily stresses.

Which of these possibilities stood out to you the most? What would you use a studio shed for? We’d love to hear your story, so feel free to contact one of our design experts today and get the conversation started!

About the author: Marcus Wenger is the Owner & General Manager of Outdoor Personia. With years of experience in building and selling outdoor structures and furniture, he enjoys leading his team in helping customers better enjoy their outdoor living spaces. Marcus provided inspiration for this article and collaborated with a copywriter to produce it. Contact Marcus at 508.883.4043 with any questions or comments regarding this article