Custom Zephyr Faux Chimney and Cupola in Hanover, MA

John had been dreaming of adding a cupola atop his home’s roof. He eventually came into our Hanover Design Center to discuss his options and choose a design best suited for the situation. While we were planning out his project, John shared his concern that the existing faux chimney on his home’s roof was beginning to deteriorate and would detract from the look of his new Custom Zephyr Cupola and Weathervane. We recommended that he also add a new Zephyr Faux Chimney constructed of maintenance-free materials that would better stand the test of time.

John was thrilled that Outdoor Personia was able to install his custom Faux Chimney along with the Cupola and Weathervane on the same day and he loves the improved look to the exterior of his beautiful Hanover Home.

If you want the aesthetic benefits of a chimney but do not want to install an actual fireplace within your home a faux chimney might be the ideal option for your roof. Contact our design experts who will help you choose a custom Faux Chimney, Cupola, or Weathervane at the correct size and style to match your home’s exterior.

Custom Faux Chimney and Cupola

This project includes the following Outdoor Personia brands:

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