Poolside Structures
A patio with a pergola over it.

A pool by itself is just a pool. But add a wooden or vinyl pergola to the pool area and you now have an elegant outdoor space with a bit a shade to boot. Sound like what you need?

Baystate builds personalized patio pergolas to match your vision for your yard, patio, or deck. You can design your own outdoor pergola with custom size, height, color, and materials, including vinyl and cedar. Your new pergola can even feature an arched roof for a stylish look or side curtains for additional shade and privacy.

Whether you need a large expansive pergola or a small pergola for a compact space, together we will help you create a pergola that fits perfectly where you want it.

Learn more about personalizing your new pergola by getting your free personalized quote from a pergola expert at Baystate.

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