Shed Greenhouse Combo with Integrated Chicken Coop

A Shed Greenhouse Combo combines the fun and benefits of a working backyard greenhouse with the value of an enclosed storage shed. As a bonus, this unique and practical structure features a chicken coop incorporated into the interior’s design.

The shed component provides valuable storage space, allowing you to organize gardening tools, pots, and other essentials. Most gardeners would appreciate having a dedicated storage area for equipment that is easily accessible and well-protected from the elements.

The greenhouse element transforms the structure into a nurturing environment for plants, extending the growing season while providing a controlled climate for delicate plantings. As well as offering several potting bench and shelf options, we can provide a variety of ventilation and fan options for regulating internal temperatures. Outdoor Personia also designs and builds freestanding Haven Custom Greenhouses for our clients throughout New England.

The integration of a chicken coop adds another layer of fun and functionality to the combo structure. The coop is designed to be easily accessible from inside the shed fostering a seamless workflow between storage, gardening, and animal care.

Outdoor Personia will prepare the foundation, obtain any needed permits, and work with you to make your dreams of a beautiful, fully functioning custom greenhouse with an attached shed a reality. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about personalizing a structure that’s built just for you!

Outdoor Personia Shed Greenhouse Combo with Chicken Coop

This project includes the following Outdoor Personia brands:

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If you’ve been dreaming of your own backyard building, we’d love to design and custom-build a structure that’s just right for you. Feel free to contact one of our expert design consultants today!

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