Custom 8×10 Haven Greenhouse in Sherborne, MA

Deb and Mike loved gardening as a hobby they could enjoy together. They had dreamed of a greenhouse to grow their fig trees and a variety of other plants year-round. The couple wanted to free up some space within their Sherborne, MA home where they had been storing all their plants in trees in a crowded sunroom. Deb came into our Bellingham Design Center where we collaborated to discuss a variety of options including potting benches at the perfect height and easy-to-manage ventilation systems. Deb wanted us to keep the details of the project a secret as it was going to be a big surprise for her husband Mike!

The Classic style 8×10 Haven Greenhouse we recommended has many features to meet the couple’s goals including large tilt-out roof panels as well as automated ventilation in each gable end. Planting benches and a potting shelf give the right amount of workspace for each of the gardeners. As well as placing the greenhouse on a level bed of crushed stone we included a layer of chicken wire for added protection from hungry critters. We painted the frame a shade of red to accurately match their existing garage. Mike was thrilled when our delivery track arrived and they were both impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of their new greenhouse.

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8x10 Haven Classic Greenhouse

This project includes the following Outdoor Personia brands:

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“Mike and I are impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of our new greenhouse!”

~ Deb G.

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