Winter Planting Workshop

Saturday, March 9th • 11 am–1 pm

Winter Planting Workshop

Bellingham Design Center
1048 South Main Street • Bellingham, MA
(508) 883-4043

Learn from Outdoor Personia’s founder and resident gardening expert, Marcus Wenger, how to keep growing in your greenhouse even during the coldest months of the year during our WINTER PLANTING WORKSHOP.  This fun and informative event will be held at our Bellingham Design Center where you’ll find out about proper sowing for each month, along with tips for growing and temperature control throughout the winter in our personalized backyard greenhouses.

This will be a hands-on demonstration as Marcus will guide you through the nuances of winter greenhouse gardening, covering topics like selecting the right plants, maintaining optimal temperature and humidity, and implementing effective lighting strategies. Take a tour of our greenhouses in our Design Center’s display lot and learn how to extend the New England growing season and keep your greenhouse lively and productive throughout the colder months.

Share your experiences, exchange tips, and forge connections with fellow winter gardeners. Imagine the satisfaction of not just surviving, but thriving, in your greenhouse oasis when the world outside is covered in snow.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a budding enthusiast, join us for a Winter Planting Workshop. Together, let’s learn to make the season a celebration of growth, learning, and the beauty of nature.

We look forward to planting with you!

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