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Are you dreaming of enhancing your backyard’s functionality? Improving it’s aesthetic beauty?  Consider a custom storage solution designed especially for you! It’s time to stop dreaming, and start building. 

Baystate Outdoor Personia specializes in building custom storage sheds throughout New England.  With a full array of shed styles, sizes, and custom options you can’t find just anywhere, we can build a custom shed that matches your personality, your property, and your priorities. 

Tell us all about it. Our expert shed designers have the tools and expertise to make your custom shed dream a reality. What do you imagine your yard could look like? Contact our design team to get started today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Sheds

Why Should I Build a Custom Shed?

Why Should I Build a Custom Shed?

Purchasing a pre-built shed right off our lot could be perfect if you’re in a pinch or desperately needing immediate storage space for your belongings. But if you’re serious about creating the perfect outdoor structure that will not only give you additional storage space but also enhance your landscape and improve your home’s value, building a custom shed will be your most satisfying option. 

With a custom storage shed from Baystate Outdoor Personia, you’ll be able to get the exact size, colors, building style, and add-ons that you desire. Imagine a shed that not only gives you the extra space you need, but also blends gracefully with your existing buildings and landscape. 

Take time to personally select your shed’s custom features and options. The authenticity of the finished product will shine much clearer. The originality will be much louder. And you’ll be in love with your finished custom shed much more than you ever dreamed possible. 

What Shed Design Options are Available?

What Shed Design Options are Available?

When you choose to build a custom shed with Baystate Outdoor Personia, you get to choose from a comprehensive array of custom design options you just can’t get with a prefab shed.

What kind of doors do you envision on your custom shed - French, Dutch, sliding, or even a garage door? Would insulated floors or partition walls be an asset? Can you picture a shed with dormers or skylights on your property? What about a screened porch, work benches, or a loft? What style of siding or shingles do you want?  How about a cupola or a weathervane? With a custom shed, the possibilities are endless!

Feeling indecisive? One of our experienced shed designers will be happy to help you decide on the best design options for your new shed.

What Custom Shed Sizes Do You Offer?

What Custom Shed Sizes Do You Offer?

What size do you need your custom shed to be? We’re ready to build any size you want. Here are the most common shed sizes:

  • Small Sheds (10’x12’ or 8’x12’): Choose a shed about this size if you have a green thumb and are just planning to store small items like garden tools or equipment. 
  • Medium Sheds (10’x16’ or 8’x16’): Build a shed in this size range if you’re looking for a spot for your riding mower and all the seasonal equipment you’ve acquired since becoming a homeowner. 
  • Large Sheds (12’x20’ or 12’x24’)- If you’re dreaming big, choose a shed with dimensions similar to these. You’ll be able to store almost anything in this big space!

Remember, these are only the most common sizes. When you build a custom shed, we can build it in any size - small, large, or anywhere in between. The size options are endless! 

8' x 8' 8' x 10' 8' x 12' 8' x 14' 8' x 16' 8' x 18' 8' x 20' 8' x 22' 8' x 24'
10' x 10' 10' x 12' 10' x 14' 10' x 16' 10' x 18' 10' x 20' 10' x 22' 10' x 24' 10' x 26' 10' x 28' 10' x 30'
12' x 12' 12' x 14' 12' x 16' 12' x 18' 12' x 20' 12' x 22' 12' x 24' 12' x 26' 12' x 28' 12' x 30' 12' x 32' 12' x 34' 12' x 36'
14' x 14' 14' x 16' 14' x 18' 14' x 20' 14' x 22' 14' x 24' 14' x 26' 14' x 28' 14' x 30' 14' x 32' 14' x 34' 14' x 36' 14' x 38' 14' x 40' 14' x 42'
16' x 16' 16' x 20' 16' x 24' 16' x 28' 16' x 32' 16' x 36' 16' x 40'
18' x 20' 18' x 24' 18' x 28' 18' x 32' 18' x 36' 18' x 40'
20' x 20' 20' x 24' 20' x 28' 20' x 32' 20' x 36' 20' x 40'
22' x 24' 22' x 28' 22' x 32' 22' x 36' 22' x 40'
24' x 24' 24' x 28' 24' x 32' 24' x 36' 24' x 40'
26' x 28' 26' x 32' 26' x 36' 26' x 40'

I Need a Custom Shed Color. Can You Help?

I Need a Custom Shed Color. Can You Help?

It’s a pretty big deal that your new custom shed’s color blends — not clashes — with your house and the rest of the buildings on your property. And we can guarantee that. Baystate Outdoor Personia can precisely match your house’s paint scheme. Your new custom shed will look like it was always a part of your landscape.  Prefer to stain your shed for a more natural look?  We can do that too, with a wide array of stain choices for even the most discerning of tastes.

How Do Other Customers Use Their Custom Sheds?

How Do Other Customers Use Their Custom Sheds?

Many people who build a custom storage shed use it for just that - storage. From boxes to gardening supplies to outdoor furniture, there’s an abundance of items that can be stored in your new custom shed.

But why stop there?  Your new custom shed could also serve a multitude of other purposes besides storage:

  • A she-shed or crafting studio: Your house might not have an ideal space for your pottery, painting, or writing hobbies.  Add custom amenities to create an inspirational space for your hobbies and side projects with all the feminine flair to make a space that’s all about you.
  • A home office: Do your work from home? Would you like to get your office out of your home and into its own separate space? Add an electrical package to any custom shed build to get the power you need for your computer, printer, and other electronics. 
  • A hideaway or man cave: You need your own space to be a guy (admit it, your wife wants that too). Your custom man cave can be insulated and wired for electricity to create the perfect place to engage in homebrewing, leatherworking, reading, or just spending time with the guys while watching the big game..
  • A playhouse: What little girl in your life wouldn’t love a scaled-down version of her own house? Imagine the carefree memories that will be made as she dances to the princess title. 
  • A guest house or hunting cabin:  Whether you need private guest quarters or a small cabin for your weekend hunting trips, a custom shed might be just the ticket to get you out of your house and into your own wilderness retreat.

What purpose will your shed serve? Our customers have all kinds of unique uses for their custom sheds. We're sure you do too. Tell us your dreams. We’re here to make them happen.

What is the Process for Building a Custom Shed?

What is the Process for Building a Custom Shed?

Baystate Outdoor Personia has the expertise to make your custom shed build a success with our full service design and build service.

First, sit down with one of our custom shed designers, show us what you want to build.  If you aren’t sure what you want to build, explain your storage problem - we’re in the problem-solving business!  Explore the options for your new custom shed, and see your ideas come to life!

Second, let Outdoor Personia get approval for your new shed. Did you know that Baystate has many years of experience working with municipalities to pull the permits you need for your new custom shed?  Our experts can assist you by guiding you through the permit process or obtaining all necessary shed permits needed for building your shed if you choose that service.

Third, our professional team of shed craftsmen will arrive on time and begin building your custom shed. They’ll begin by carefully constructing a solid foundation for your shed. Then they will skillfully build or install your custom shed on the prepared foundation. Finally, we’ll clean up the work site. We’re committed to caring for your property like it’s our very own.

Where Do You Build Custom Sheds?

Where Do You Build Custom Sheds?

With two design centers in Bellingham and Hanover, Massachusetts, Baystate Outdoor Personia designs and builds custom sheds throughout New England, including the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

We are pleased to build custom outdoor storage structures for our friends and neighbors in eastern Massachusetts including Boston, Lincoln, Dover, Weston, Cohasset, Sherborn, Concord, Carlisle, Manchester, Wellesley Hills, Wayland, Sudbury, Cambridge, Canton, Nahant, Scituate, Uptown, Medway, Ipswich, and Charlestown. 

In Rhode Island, we are privileged to serve custom shed clients in East Greenwich, Barrington, Providence, Cranston, Jamestown, Saunderstown, Little Compton, North Scituate, North Kingstown, Portsmouth, Exeter, Newport, Tiverton, Narragansett, Rumford, and Bristol.

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