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Do you wish for a breezy and comfortable custom gazebo for relaxing or entertaining guests outdoors? Would you love to enjoy nature with shade, privacy, and protection from unwelcome guests like mosquitoes?

The solution is simple! Enhance your backyard living space with a custom patio gazebo from Outdoor Personia. A custom-built gazebo makes a beautiful place to host a small party or share quiet times with family and friends! Add beautiful decorative value to your home while providing the added benefits of shade and privacy in an outdoor setting. With scalloped roof overhangs, tiered roofs, and sculpted corner braces, your gazebo will be an attractive backyard centerpiece.

Outdoor Personia has partnered with many satisfied customers in the New England states to build beautiful gazebos for gardens and patios. Check out our range of styles and imagine which gazebo would look best nestled within the outdoor space of your home. We would love to build your custom gazebo so feel free to contact us and speak with one of our design consultants today!

Why Should I Build a Custom Gazebo?

Why Should I Build a Custom Gazebo?

Whether you live in the country or own a lush suburban terrace, an enclosed gazebo from Outdoor Personia can be the perfect structure to create a relaxing backyard living space! You might ask, “Why should I invest in building a custom gazebo? What are the benefits of a custom-designed gazebo?” Here are a few benefits of owning a gazebo for you to consider.

  • Outdoor dining: A gazebo serves as the perfect backyard dining room. An outdoor setting is sure to sharpen your dinner guests’ appetites and create a lovely natural backdrop for your dinner party. If little children are involved, the mess stays outside!
  • Formal events: Host wedding ceremonies and receptions! A hardtop gazebo adds a touch of aesthetic elegance to formal events. When the event is over, you won’t have to worry about taking it down and putting it away.
  • An escape: Can you dream of a better way to unwind from your busy schedule than to relax under your comfortable gazebo in the gentle afternoon breeze? Despite the responsibilities and duties calling, you can escape for a little personal time.
  • Protection from weather and mosquitoes: Remember those warm summer evenings when it's too lovely to be inside? And yet, the mosquitoes and gnats outside are so bothersome? A Gazebo with mosquito netting is the perfect solution! 
  • Increase property value: Who wouldn’t want to buy a home complete with a beautiful backyard gazebo? Increase your property value with a beautiful gazebo from Outdoor Personia.
What is the Difference Between a Gazebo and a Pavilion?

What is the Difference Between a Gazebo and a Pavilion?

Gazebos are often confused with pavilions because they look similar and serve a similar purpose. Although both gazebos and pavilions are outdoor structures and have solid roofs, there are a few differences. Understanding these facts will be helpful when deciding which outdoor structure will serve you best.

A gazebo is a self-contained structure. It has several posts and only partially open sides, commonly screened-in for protection against bugs and other pests. A pavilion’s sides are entirely accessible and punctuated by 4-6 posts, creating a come-and-go atmosphere. Gazebos present a compelling architectural accent that fills in an empty landscape elegantly. Pavilions are less intrusive visually and keep the eye line clear across the landscape. Octagonal and oval gazebos are quite common; whereas, pavilions tend to be rectangular or square. However, you are not limited to octagons and ovals when custom-designing the gazebo you desire. Our outdoor design experts will help you design a gazebo to fit your dreams. If you can dream it, we can build it!

What are Some Popular Gazebo Designs & Styles?

What are Some Popular Gazebo Designs & Styles?

Are you looking for an enclosed gazebo with a tiered roof and wooden posts? Maybe you think a garden gazebo with a pagoda mounted on the roof would look perfect in that empty corner of your backyard. Here at Outdoor Personia, your options are limitless! Our goal is to take your gazebo ideas and help you turn them into gazebo blueprints. With so many options, you may be a bit overwhelmed. If that is the case, here are a few popular gazebo designs.

  • Octagonal gazebo: The octagon gazebo is a classic design. This gazebo with eight sides is perfect for backyard parties and hosting small groups outdoors.
  • Oval gazebo: The oval gazebo mimics the octagon gazebo. It keeps the traditional hardtop gazebo design but provides more space and extended overhead shelter.
  • Rectangular gazebo: Give your backyard a trim, squared-off look with a rectangular gazebo built for hosting pool parties, barbecues, and more.
Can I Build a Gazebo in Any Size?

Can I Build a Gazebo in Any Size? 

At Outdoor Personia, we will help you design a gazebo that will serve your needs. Our gazebo builders create your gazebo with the exact dimensions you desire. When calculating the size of the gazebo you want to build, keep in mind these two things: the size of the space where you wish to locate it and the number of people who will regularly use it.

A few standard hardtop gazebo sizes are 10’ x 10’, 12’ x 12’, and 14’ x 14’. For an oval or slightly rectangular shape, 12’ x 14’ and other similar proportions work well. Our design experts are happy to discuss your patio gazebo ideas. They will help you plan a gazebo from scratch that best suits your needs.

Should I Buy a Vinyl or Wood Gazebo?

Should I Buy a Vinyl or Wood Gazebo?

Vinyl gazebos consist of a robust wooden structure covered by maintenance-free vinyl. A vinyl gazebo is practical, beautiful, and elegant. When dirty, a quick rinse with the hose or swipe of a rag will have it looking clean and neat again. 

But suppose you wish to complement your backyard with something that produces a rustic, woodsy atmosphere? In that case, the wood patio gazebo is the perfect style for you. You can stain the wood gazebo with the color of your choice.

What is the Process of Building and Installing a Custom Gazebo?

What is the Process of Building and Installing a Custom Gazebo?

At Outdoor Personia, we want to create a gazebo built just for you and make the sales experience enjoyable. We provide expert assistance to make the right decisions about your gazebo. Our process is simple:

Step #1  Consult an Outdoor Personia gazebo design expert.

We have two convenient design showrooms located in Bellingham and Hanover, MA. Stop in, and one of our gazebo designers will be delighted to sit down with you to discuss your gazebo ideas. If you have questions or are unsure about the details, your designer will be happy to discuss the options.

Step #2   We help you complete the necessary paperwork

To build a gazebo, you may need to obtain a building permit for your area. Don’t worry! For many years, we have worked with government officials to help our clients acquire the permits and papers needed to build a gazebo for a hassle-free experience.

Step #3   Schedule the building and installation.

With a gazebo plan that satisfies your desire and needs, it is time for you to watch your gazebo take shape! Our team of excellent gazebo craftsmen will arrive on-site when scheduled and begin installing your personalized gazebo. They will clean up the worksite and leave it looking neat and clean when finished

In Which States Do You Build Gazebos?

In Which States Do You Build Gazebos?

Are you searching for gazebos near me? Outdoor Personia has design centers located in Bellingham and Hanover, Massachusetts. We build gazebos throughout the New England states, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

In Massachusetts, Norfolk, Plymouth, Essex, Bristol, Middlesex, and Suffolk are just a few where we love building custom gazebos. Check out our recent custom gazebo projects in Attleboro, Medfield, Foxboro, and Braintree.

Throughout Rhode Island, we serve communities in the Blackstone River Valley, South County, Warwick, West Bay, East Bay, and Newport County. We would be delighted to assist you with your custom gazebo project in one of Plymouth’s fine communities or Providence’s spacious suburbs!

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