Custom 12×48 Row Barn in Millville, MA

Tracene owns several horses and needed to board them at an outside professional equestrian center. She had always dreamed of caring for her horses on her own property so she visited our Bellingham Design Center to discuss her situation and what solutions we can provide. After visiting Tracene’s backyard and learning more about what was required to care for her horses we recommended a Trestle Custom 12×48 Row Barn.

Once the necessary permits were obtained Outdoor Personia provided the site preparation before delivering the shed row barn which can accommodate exactly what Tracene needs in an animal shelter. The structure has four individual 10×12 stalls with Dutch doors and an 8 ft. overhang to protect her horses from the elements. Also included is an 8×12 tack room with a concrete floor where she stores and organizes her supplies and equipment. Tracene is hoping to someday use her new barn and corral as a place to share with others the benefits of therapeutic horse-riding therapy.

We were happy to help Tracene live the dream of caring for her beloved horses on her own property. As an added benefit, she no longer needs to continually pay the high fees of an outside boarding facility.

If you are in need of an animal shelter to keep your furry friends safe and protect them from the elements, feel free to contact us today!

This project includes the following Outdoor Personia brands:

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“Love all the details in my new horse barn!”

~ Tracene B.

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