A Swan Custom Pergola in Westwood, MA

This customer was not happy looking at the massive sidewall on the garage side of his house. He wanted something that would enhance the look of the house and give that side of the house some character. He had seen photos of pergolas installed over garage doors and envisioned something similar to break up the large expanse of wall and garage doors.

We proposed an eyebrow white vinyl pergola to span the two double-door garage doors.

To give the structure a clean look, we designed the pergola’s wall brackets to line up with the door trim. This provided a clear span equal to the door openings on which the pergola top could rest, giving the structure the same open feeling as the doors.

Custom Eyebrow Pergola in Westwood, Massachusetts

This project includes the following Outdoor Personia brands:

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“It’s just the look I was looking for.”

~ Joe S.

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