A Custom Swan Wood Pergola in Shrewsbury, MA

Armand and Olga had a new stone patio built complete with fireplace and brick pizza oven. The Shrewsbury couple now needed a way to provide shade over their new living space and had envisioned a two-tiered pergola. They consulted with a number of contractors, unfortunately, none were able to fully appreciate their concept.

After contacting Outdoor Personia, our design consultant was happy to visit their property to discuss their dream and to view the backyard area where they had pictured a rustic style pergola. Careful measurements were taken and we helped them visualize the space where 6 posts would be located and how retractable shades could be situated. We recommended two adjoining Custom Swan Pergolas consisting of a 14×14 style attached to a smaller 8×8 pergola. Each separate pergola has its own EZ Shade Canopy and Side Curtain to provide shade any time of day.

The project presented itself with some challenges as their existing landscaper installed the cement footings for the pergola’s 6 posts but was unable to make each sit at a uniform height. To correct this issue, we custom-built wider skirts at the base of each post that perfectly match the color and cedar wood construction of the pergola. The final result is a beautiful structure that will compliment Armand and Olga’s outdoor living space where they can cook pizza, entertain friends and family, or just relax by their fireplace.

If you’re dreaming of a shady and attractive place to dine, relax, or host backyard gatherings, we’d love to custom design and build the pergola that’s just right for you. Feel free to contact one of our expert design consultants today!

A Custom Swan Wood two-Tiered Pergola

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If you’ve been dreaming of your own backyard building, we’d love to design and custom-build a structure that’s just right for you. Feel free to contact one of our expert design consultants today!

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