Giving Back to Our Community

Do you know of anyone in your own community that may be in need of assistance? Periodically, we are proud to offer our services to those in need, so please feel free to get in touch and tell us your story.

The Outdoor Personia Team
Baystate Outdoor Personia Team

Spring 2022 Community Service Day

Once again, our Outdoor Personia Team steps up to make a difference in the lives of neighbors and friends in our community!

6 Photo collage of the Outdoor Personia Team cleaning up someones yard and installing some new structures

We set out on a wide range of causes on our mission of service, each needing a unique type of assistance that our amazing team members were glad to help with. A friend’s property had become overgrown and in need of much TLC including tree trimming and repairing an aging chicken coop. Also, a community playground was in need of a small storage shed to keep toddler toys and sports equipment secure.

2 photo collage of the Outdoor Personia Team fixing someone's siding and building something in someone's house

Another Team was able to repair and replace this home’s aging vinyl siding. A talented crew of carpenters also built a staircase with added storage space so our friend can now safely store her belongings without climbing to her attic.

With much gratitude we honor our Outdoor Personia Team after a successful day of blessing the community!

About the author: Marcus Wenger is the Owner & General Manager of Outdoor Personia. With years of experience in building and selling outdoor structures and furniture, he enjoys leading his team in helping customers better enjoy their outdoor living spaces. Marcus provided inspiration for this article and collaborated with a copywriter to produce it. Contact Marcus at 508.883.4043 with any questions or comments regarding this article

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