Backyard Studio Sheds

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Backyard Studio Sheds

Are you spending more time at home and need a separate space that’s free from the inevitable daily distractions? Baystate Outdoor Personia solves this common problem by personalizing an outdoor structure that fits your needs!

Our own line of Trestle backyard buildings can be customized to offer interior finished spaces that include insulation, heat, electricity, and suitable Wi-Fi. Our entire team has been enjoying making their client's dreams become a reality and can work with you to design a space that fits perfectly into your backyard and lifestyle.

Together let’s create your dream home office, yoga/exercise space, golf shed, art studio, or a gorgeous she shed everyone will admire. We’d love to hear your story, so feel free to contact one of our design experts today and get the conversation started!


Backyard Studio Shed Solutions

Other people like you have come to Baystate Outdoor Personia seeking solutions for their outdoor living spaces. Check out these project ideas and customer stories to see how we can personalize a solution for your individual needs.

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