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Children playing on a vinyl swing set from Outdoor Personia.
Children enjoy playing on Outdoor Personia's swingsets.

Backyard swing sets provide a healthy activity for energetic children of all ages! Convert your backyard into an exciting playground with the Sierra Swing Set line from Outdoor Personia. Whether you are a parent needing to provide a constructive outlet for your child's energy, or a grandparent looking for a way to spoil the grandkids, a custom-built swing set is sure to become a favorite hangout for all ages! Outdoor Personia ensures you get the highest quality playground equipment with the best possible customer service!

Swing Set Solutions

Other people like you have come to Baystate Outdoor Personia seeking solutions for their outdoor living spaces. Check out these project ideas and customer stories to see how we can personalize a solution for your individual needs.

Why Should I Purchase a Swing Set from Outdoor Personia?

At Outdoor Personia, we can help you create a one-of-a-kind, customized swing set for your backyard that meets your needs and your budget.

Our swing set design experts are here to step you through the order process and make owning your playground equipment simple and hassle-free. We would be delighted to help you create a custom-built backyard playset where the whole family will create many happy memories together! Contact us today to schedule a visit with a design specialist at Outdoor Personia to build a playset that will be the perfect fit for your backyard and provide hours of constructive entertainment for your family and friends.

Should I Buy a Wooden or Vinyl Swing Set?

Whether you decide to purchase a vinyl swing set or a wooden swing set, we have options to meet any taste or budget. Let’s discuss your choice of a wood swing set vs. a vinyl swing set.

Wood Swing Set Pros and Cons

A wood playset will typically be more budget-friendly than a vinyl playset. It can hold up for many years with proper maintenance and can be a structurally sound choice for a backyard swing set. Wood is an affordable, renewable construction material that is readily available and provides adequate strength to hold up to children’s regular wear and tear at play. You should consider that wood does weather over time, and therefore, a wooden swing set will typically have a shorter lifespan than a vinyl one. Another downside of wooden playground equipment is that wood is susceptible to warping and can cause splinters.

Vinyl Swing Set Pros and Cons

When comparing vinyl vs. wooden swing sets, many people choose to pay more for the vinyl playsets. Pressure-treated lumber is the structural component of a vinyl swing set covered with a vinyl sleeve to protect it from rotting, wood-boring insects, and splintering, offering more years of backyard fun and play. Another benefit is that vinyl is more effortless to maintain and clean.  While vinyl swing sets cost more, many find these added benefits worth the extra expense.

What Are Some Popular Swing Set Features and Accessories?

Swing Options for Children and Adults

We offer swing options for children of all ages!  An infant bucket swing is a wise choice for your baby or toddler, while for older children, belt swings offer a traditional swinging experience. To create a challenge, we offer various specialty swing options, including trapeze swings, web swings, surf swings, tire swings, and ball swings. Do you have a special needs child? Ask about our wheelchair swings and other accessible playground equipment. Don't forget to add a bench swing for the adults so the whole family can enjoy the swing set together! In addition to swings, you can also add playhouses, slides, ladders, and many more options - the configuration possibilities are endless!

Adult swings & gliders are available as stand alone units for the adults who still enjoy swinging but have no use for the children's accessories. View swings & gliders here.

Towers and Accessories

Our Sierra swing line offers towers for a playset to stimulate your kids’ imaginations. Single, Double, and Triple towers are great for attaching slides, ramps, ladders, and other accessories. Additionally, a tower can double as a playhouse or fort! Popular accessories for our custom playsets include sandboxes, slides, picnic tables, tic-tac-toe boards, and so much more!

Our design staff will be happy to show you all the swing and accessory options available to make your new swing set functional and unique.

What Type of Warranty Do You Offer on Your Swing Sets?

Get peace of mind with our 20-year limited warranty for playground equipment!  Our limited 20-year warranty for products purchased for use in residential single-family homes is subject to ordinary use and proper installation. Swings, slides, and other accessories are covered under a limited 5-year warranty. Please ask for details for the specific terms and conditions covering your playground equipment before purchase.

What is the Process of Ordering and Installing a Backyard Swing Set?

We make the process of purchasing a backyard playground easy!

Contact Us or drop by one of our Design Centers in Bellingham or Hanover, and one of our Design Experts would be happy to help you configure a swing set that fits your budget and your vision for the perfect playground for your family. Don’t forget to bring the measurements of the area where your new playset will be installed.
Once we have a blueprint for your playground equipment, craftsmen will begin manufacturing your custom playset. 
After a few weeks, Outdoor Personia will contact you for a convenient time to deliver and set up your brand new playground for you to enjoy. Outdoor Personia can install most playsets within a day, so your family can start making new memories fast!

In What Areas Do You Deliver and Setup Swing Sets?

With two design centers in Bellingham and Hanover, MA, Outdoor Personia delivers playground equipment throughout New England, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Start the conversation and begin building your swing set today!


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Children playing on a Vinyl Swingset from Outdoor Personia.