Custom 12x12 Haven Greenhouse in Hingham, MA

Problem Solved.

Our client is an avid gardener and needed a large enclosed environment to cultivate his many potted plants year-round. He visited our Hanover Design Center where he shared his vision as we collaborated on the ideal solution: A Custom 12x12 Haven Greenhouse.

The greenhouse’s sturdy wooden structure is framed with pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine. The lower section consists of 30” knee walls covered with DuraTech siding with the top portion of walls and ceiling constructed with UV coated polycarbonate panels. Either entrance has an insulated vinyl exterior door and the floor level consists of finely crushed stone for efficient irrigation.

Custom Building the Haven 12x12 Greenhouse.
Details of the Haven 12x12 Greenhouse.

Controlling the internal temperature of the greenhouse will be aided by adjustable aluminum shutters on each gable end. We even designed the downspouts to feed into the homeowner’s water collection system. This personalized Greenhouse is the perfect oasis for our satisfied customer to care for his exotic plants including his collection of meticulously pruned Bansai trees!

Custom Greenhouse - 12x12

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