A Zephyr Custom Cupola in Norwell, MA

Problem Solved.

Cathy came into our Hanover showroom on a mission to find someone who would build a cupola for her garage. The cupola was on the original architect’s drawing for the property, but the contractor did not want to build it. We custom-built the cupola to the size and style specified by the architect, and painted it to match the house siding. Due to the size of the cupola, we used our lift to raise the cupola safely to the ridge top for installation.

A Custom Zephyr Cupola on a garage.
A Custom Zephyr Cupola on a garage.
A Custom Zephyr Cupola on a garage.
The customer says...

I appreciate you taking the time to look at our original plans for a cupola on our garage and couldn’t be happier with the results! Excellent job!

Cathy L.

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