A Trestle Custom One Car Garage in Bellingham, MA

Problem Solved.

Steve was ready to retire and was eager to devote more time to his woodworking hobby. His home’s crowded basement wasn’t providing him enough space for his expanding workbench so he came into our Bellingham Design Center to discuss his situation.

Custom One Car Garage

We visited his property to carefully examine the available space around his house and were then able to design the perfect solution: A custom Trestle 12x24 Garage with enough space to fit his workbench while still having room to park his car inside. The exterior design of the garage matches the style and color of Steve’s home so both he and his wife were thrilled with the final results!

Enough space inside garage for workbench

Outdoor Personia obtained all the necessary permits, prepared the site, poured the concrete foundation, installed the wiring, and insulated the interior so Steve could enjoy his hobby year-round!

One car garage matches home exterior

Are you thinking about building a new custom garage to store your vehicles, provide additional storage space plus add beauty and value to your property?  Feel free to contact us and speak with one of our custom garage consultants today! 

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