A Trestle Custom Garage in Holliston, MA

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This customer wanted to add an oversize one-car garage to their property. The layout of the property, topography, and town setback requirements restricted the size of the structure, but the added space we proposed allowed for storing lawn and garden equipment, tools, and other personal items. They wanted the roofline, siding, and trim to match their existing home. We proposed natural cedar clapboard with a custom paint finish. During the design and planning phase we worked closely with the town to acquire the building permit. Because of the topography, we needed to make certain modifications to the foundation to satisfy the town building inspector. Feel free to contact us and speak with one of our garage design consultants today!

One car Trestle Garage.
The customer says...

We were very pleased to come home last night and find the garage complete! It looks great and we are thrilled. Thank you for a first-rate job!

Jeff & Sue P.

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