A Swan Custom Pool House in Leominster, MA

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Kathy had been dreaming of an entire backyard makeover for quite some time. An inground pool was just the thing she wanted. But what was a pool without a pool house? She envisioned a serving area to accommodate a crowd of friends and family along with an indoor area that would provide a space for both relaxation and entertainment. A climate controlled environment was a must to provide warmth for early spring and late fall parties as well as a cool refuge in the summer. The pool house also needed to provide a changing room and storage area for pool supplies because of the distance between the pool and the house.

Custom Pool House in Leominster, MA

Baystate Outdoor Personia worked with Kathy to help her get the personalized pool house she was looking for. We successfully moved her conceptual pool house plans and ideas forward through the design, permitting, and construction process.

Custom Pool House Cross Section Blueprint
Custom Pool House Floor Plan Blueprint
Custom Pool House Front Side Blueprint

Kathy’s new pool house features large interior spaces including a changing room, a storage room, a loft area for storage and fun, and a gathering room fully equipped with a television, refrigerator, couches, and an hvac system.

Custom Pool House Interior
Custom Pool House Interior Eating Area
Custom Pool House Interior with Loft

The outside porches gave plenty of space to entertain and serve a crowd while protecting them from the weather.

Custom Pool House with Eating Area
Custom Pool House Outside Porch

What are you envisioning in your pool area? Let’s talk about how we can design and build a custom pool house, pergola, gazebo, or pavilion for you.

Custom Pool House with Stone Fire Pit
The customer says...

It came out great. Everyone is in awe when they see it.

Kathy M.

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