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Cynthia was in the process of opening a new early childhood center in Upton, Massachusetts and needed an outdoor playset. She wanted a playset that would be both safe and child friendly. It was essential that the play surface provide a safe, low impact fall absorbing surface while the activity centers needed to accommodate children of different ages and abilities. Cynthia also desired that the play area provide easy access for children who were unable to climb or who had certain physical disabilities.

We reviewed Cynthia’s playset requirements and created a custom playground solution for her. The finished play area included an artificial rubber mulch safety play surface that encompassed the entire play system. The vinyl play set incorporates two towers that allow for three different style of as well as a gang-plank for easy access. Two additional play centers were added that included both a tic-tac-toe board and a bubble window overlooking the swing area. This swing set was exactly what she needed for her children's play area.

Blue and White Vinyl Swing Set
Custom Vinyl Swingsets

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Cynthia M.

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