A Custom Swan Pool House in Hull, MA

Problem Solved.

Julie came to Baystate Outdoor Personia with a very specific design in mind for a new pool house. She brought along a photo she had clipped from a magazine, and while similar, it wasn't exactly what she wanted. However, based off the picture and her verbal description, we constructed a custom 12x22 pool house that exactly met her needs. 

sketch for pool house
pool house blueprint
pool house blueprint

The finished pool house included an outdoor space for relaxing in the shade and an interior space to change clothes. Julie was delighted with the special barn door feature.

A Custom Swan Pool House in Hull, MA
A Custom Swan Pool House in Hull, MA
The customer says...

My pool house was exactly what I wanted, including the barn door feature that I love. I could have purchased a less expensive off-the-shelf structure but I am so happy I spent a little more to get what I wanted.

Julie T.

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