A Custom Gazebo and Bridges For Franklin TV Company

Problem Solved.

Franklin TV, a public access community television station, was looking for an outdoor broadcasting venue. The director of the station wanted to create an outside park setting where they could record interviews and host community events. A field across from their parking lot offered the perfect setting.

custom vinyl gazebo

Baystate collaborated with the director, proposing a painted gazebo as the focal point that would allow easy access for cameras to fully record the activities or interviews taking place within the gazebo. Since two drainage ditches crossed the area, we suggested two custom made bridges that would allow for clear access to the entire yard. With a little landscape magic and the appropriate placement of both bridges and the gazebo we were able to create the perfect setting for the studio to use as well as access for the community.

custom vinyl gazebo and garden bridge for TV company
The customer says...

The entire project turned out great!

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