A Custom 6x9 Trestle Garden Shed in Norwell, MA

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Joe was having a complete renovation to the landscaping on his Norwell, MA property and envisioned the perfect spot to put a new shed for garden tools and general storage. He visited our Hanover Design Center where we discussed his options and eventually recommended a structure that was a good fit for Joe’s needs - a Custom 6x9 Trestle Shed.

A Custom 6x9 Trestle Garden Shed in Norwell, MA

Outdoor Personia partnered with Joe’s landscape architect for the shed’s best placement and when to schedule delivery so the surrounding stonework could be completed. Joe wanted the shed to be large enough to store his garden tools but moderate in size as not to distract from his beautiful new backyard living space. We included a decorative arched doorway and painted his shed to match the color scheme of his house. Atop the shed is an 18” Zephr Cupola with glass windows, copper roof, plus an American Eagle Weathervane.

A Custom 6x9 Trestle Garden Shed and 18" Cupola

Jack now has a beautiful new storage shed that meets his needs and fits perfectly into the natural beauty of his backyard space.

Are you thinking about building a new custom shed to store your lawn tools, equipment, bicycles or just want more protection from the elements? Feel free to contact us and speak with one of our shed design consultants today!

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