A 24x28 Custom Garage with Lean-To Carport in Natick, MA

Problem Solved.

Rob and Sharon’s historic home in Natick, MA felt almost perfect but not quite complete. They didn’t own a garage which caused a few problems. 

  • Their cars were always outside, enduring the elements. 
  • The basement of their house was inadequate for their storage needs. 
  • They dreamed of having a small studio apartment..

Baystate Outdoor Personia walked Rob and Sharon through the brainstorming process. Their garage design consultant offered valuable advice on how to build the garage in a way that would provide the storage and functionality they both wanted. He also gave guidance on elements of aesthetic beauty that would compliment their home.Rob and Sharon soon decided on a 24’ x 28’ garage with a lean-to carport. They chose to finish the exterior of the garage with vinyl board and batton siding and a standing seam metal roof that would be sure to add curb-appeal to their property.


24x28 custom shed with studio apartment
custom two car garage with lean-to
custom 2-car garage in MA

Baystate Outdoor Personia helped acquire permits, covered the sitework, and teamed up with Rob and Sharon’s plumber and electrician for the future studio apartment’s plumbing and electrical needs.

plot plan for custom shed in MA
drawings for custom shed in MA
drawings for custom shed in MA
drawings for custom shed in MA

Baystate Outdoor Personia’s goal was to make Rob and Sharon’s garage project as carefree as possible.  Are you thinking about building a new custom garage to beautify your property, provide additional storage space, or add an accessory dwelling? Baystate Outdoor Personia is your local garage builder!  Call and speak with one of our custom garage consultants now!

The customer says...

The garage is amazing—well built and good attention to detail. It compliments our property well. Thank-you.

Rob and Sharon

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