A 12’ Custom Bridge in Duxbury, MA

Problem Solved.

The senior class of 2019 wanted to give a useful and meaningful gift to the incoming seniors at their high school. The seniors’ parking lot was across the street from the school. Every time it rained, the ditch they needed to cross made their shoes muddy and wet. 

Following some discussion with the school, Baystate Outdoor Personia and the project managers decided a custom pedestrian bridge to span the ditch would be the perfect gift. Baystate Outdoor Personia enjoys the challenge of commercial projects that improve our community. We designed the bridge to comply with specific building codes and requirements for this type of structure.

a ditch is an ideal location for a foot bridge
perfect site for a future foot bridge
approved Project plans

After Baystate Outdoor Personia completed the design process, we had it approved by the project managers. Then Outdoor Personia built the custom bridge and delivered it to the school’s site. Finally, we prepared the ground at both ends of the bridge to rest and installed the 12’ bridge. Now the students and the custodians, with dry shoes and cleaner halls, all enjoy rainy days a little more. 

Do you have a muddy trouble spot on your property as this high school did? Or are you needing a structure for community improvement or beautification projects? Contact Baystate Outdoor Personia and let’s work together to make your next project a reality.

foot bridge over ditch
foot bridge in a commercial application
The customer says...

The bridge looks great, and students have started to use it. Happy to have this project completed.

School Principal

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