A 10x18 Swan Pavilion in Norfolk, MA

Problem Solved.

Jack and Nina enjoy entertaining or just relaxing by their swimming pool. The poolside patio area is mostly in full sun and they wanted a large structure for shade over their outdoor furniture. The couple visited our Bellingham Design Center, where we collaborated on the design of a custom 10x18 Swan Wood Pavilion.

A 10x18 Swan Pavilion in Norfolk, MA

We first took care of all the required permits and planned out the best place to install the new structure over the existing stamped concrete surface. The Pavilion is framed with solid pine wood with a tongue and groove finished ceiling and exposed rafters.

10x18 Swan Pavilion details

Jack and Nina now have this beautiful structure that provides much-needed shade and is a perfect spot to gather around after a summertime swim. 

10x18 Swan Pavilion poolside

Need a place to entertain your guests or to just get out of the sun? Consider getting a custom wood or vinyl Pavilion from Baystate Outdoor Personia. Feel free to contact one of our expert design consultants today!


The customer says...

We are thrilled with our new pavilion. The structure is well constructed and looks just gorgeous. We were so impressed with the crew and how quickly they did the installation!


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