Commercial Projects

Custom pergola in providence RI.

Does your business need a commercial storage building? Or are you looking for a commercial gazebo or park pavilion for your customers to enjoy your establishment outdoors? Baystate Outdoor Personia builds personalized gazebos, pergolas,and pavilions, for all kinds of commercial applications.

We have the experience it takes to work with businesses as well as contractors and landscapers, helping  them create the perfect outdoor spaces that are delivered on-time and on-budget. With years of experience in design, engineering and construction, we can build the structure you need with the specs you require.

When you choose to work with Baystate Outdoor Personia, you will have a partner who is happy to assist  you on the unique requirements of your project. That is what personalization is all about!

Whether you are looking for style or function, or a combination of both, tell us what you need and we will get started creating a personalized solution for your next commercial project.

Talk with a commercial project expert.

Commercial Gazebos

Custom gazebo in medfield MA

A gazebo is a great solution for hosting romantic outdoor events such as weddings. Better looking and more sturdy than a temporary tent, a commercial vinyl or wood gazebo from Baystate can act as a focal point of your business for your customers. Baystate offers a variety of customizable gazebo features including, cupolas, pagoda roofs and screening to please the tastes of even your most discerning customers.

Commercial Pergolas

Custom pergola in Boston MA

A wood or vinyl pergola can add shade and a pleasing aesthetic to patios and walkways. This makes them a popular addition for outdoor dining at restaurants, or providing a shady, outdoor seating area in apartment complexes and retirement communities. We offer the same customization options for commercial pergolas that we do on residential pergolas including custom size, height, color, and materials, including vinyl and cedar. Commercial pergolas can even feature an arched roof for a stylish look or side curtains for additional shade and privacy.

Commercial Pavilions

Custom pavilion for a soccer field

Our Commercial pavilions offer a large covered area for hosting outdoor events.  Municipalities love to install pavilions to create picnic and sport shelters at local parks, while businesses and organizations love using them to attract the community by hosting celebrations, lectures and even movie night.

Commercial Greenhouses

Commercial Greenhouses

Wouldn’t you love to maintain a garden year-round? Always have the smell of fresh herbs and the taste of garden tomatoes in any weather. Imagine having a solar-heated sanctuary to keep your plants healthy in the middle of harsh New England winters, or get a jump start on the growing season where you can plant early before moving them to the outdoor garden. Outdoor Personia can make this dream a reality by custom-designing a quality, hand-crafted Commercial Greenhouse just for you.

Why Should I Choose Baystate Outdoor Personia?

With knowledge of permitting, engineering, and construction, Baystate has years of experience with working with businesses and contractors to build commercial shade structures.

  1. We can customize any project to meet your specific needs.
  2. We help with all steps of the process including permitting and blueprints.
  3. Baystate has worked with landscapers, architects, and contractors for more than 10 years.
The customer says...
Uxbridge Youth Soccer team standing in the pavilion

This process could not have gone more smoothly. We are amazed at how quickly the project was completed onsite. Baystate Outdoor Personia exceeded every expectation.

Talk with a commercial project expert.

Talk with a commercial project expert.

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