Poolside Structures

If you want to spend more time outdoors or out beside your pool, a pavilion is the way to go. A pavilion from Baystate adds both class and comfort to your “home outside of home.”

Think big, and we will think big with you! What kind of atmosphere do you want to create? Add a serving area to one end of your pavilion or cabana, and suddenly you have taken your ability to entertain guests to a whole new level.

Baystate will help you design a pavilion with a size and style that fits right into your outdoor space. You can create an elegant look with a bell roof design and round columns, or you can go for a more rustic look with a timber frame and diagonal supporting beams. You can even decide how many columns you would like to have on each corner of your new pavilion.

Learn more about personalizing your new pavilion by getting a personalized quote from a pavilion expert at Baystate.

Pavilion Solutions

Other people like you have come to Baystate seeking solutions for their outdoor living spaces. Check out these completed projects to see how we created personalized solutions that were exactly what they were looking for.

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