Recent Projects

Lori and Eric are professionals who work in the city and wanted to make their Norfolk home’s backyard the perfect getaway. After having a beautiful swimming pool installed, with decorative stonework and surrounding landscaping, it was time to consider a poolside structure that tied into their impressive home’s style while adding shade as they entertain outdoors. 

Domenic had just built a gorgeous outdoor kitchen area and was unhappy about the direct sunlight that interfered with his outdoor cooking and entertaining. Regular patio umbrellas were not solving his problem, so after discovering us online he came into our Bellingham Design Center for consultation.

Sara wanted to add a decorative and functional covering over her attached two-level backyard deck. After coming to our Hanover Design center to discuss her vision, we visited her Hingham, MA property, to carefully examine the existing space.

Elyce & Emilio were in the process of installing a new inground swimming pool for their family to enjoy. They wanted a poolside structure to serve as a changing area, storage space, and outdoor bathroom. We consulted with the couple in our Hanover design center on various options. The design they eventually were happy with does the job nicely!

Sean & Linda were in the process of completely renovating their backyard and creating a poolside living area. After cutting back the tree line, their new stone patio, hot tub, and outdoor kitchen area were now in direct sunlight and they needed a solution.

Katy was in the process of having a new backyard swimming pool installed. She visited our Hanover Design Center and shared her vision for a poolside structure that would be the perfect summer living and entertaining space for her family.

Jason and his father Kevin own a real estate investment business. They had recently cleared a several acre lot and were leasing the space to a trucking company for trailer parking space. They urgently needed a shed to house security cameras, equipment, and maintenance supplies needed for the property because trucks were starting to roll into the lot.

Jason and Kevin had worked with Baystate....

Rob and Sharon’s historic home in Natick, MA, felt almost perfect but not quite complete. They didn’t own a garage, which caused a few problems. 

  • Their cars were always outside, exposed to the elements. 
  • The basement of their house was inadequate for their storage needs. 
  • They dreamed of having a home office/exercise studio loft space.

Baystate Outdoor Personia walked Rob and Sharon through the brainstorming....

The senior class of 2019 wanted to give a useful and meaningful gift to the incoming seniors at their high school. The seniors’ parking lot was across the street from the school. Every time it rained, the ditch they needed to cross made their shoes muddy and wet. 

Following some discussion with the school, Baystate Outdoor Personia and the project managers decided a custom pedestrian....

When Joseph and his wife Ellyn first contacted us, they were moving back to Massachusetts from Virginia. Their home in Virginia had been much larger than their new oceanfront home. They had a lot of belongings, but with very little storage area in their beautiful new residence, it created a problem. A new custom shed would become the solution to Joseph and Ellyn’s problem!

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