Recent Projects

Steve was ready to retire and was eager to devote more time to his woodworking hobby. His home’s crowded basement wasn’t providing him enough space for his expanding workbench so he came into our Bellingham Design Center to discuss his situation.

William was paying to keep his prized car collection in storage and wanted a better solution giving him easier access to park and maintain his vehicles with plenty of space for added storage. He was referred to us by a friend and liked the examples he was seeing on our website. After visiting our Bellingham Design Center we sat with William and thoroughly discussed his....

Matt’s backyard was receiving a complete makeover and he wanted a functional pool house to provide storage, privacy, and a comfortable place for his family to hang out by their new swimming pool. After visiting our Hanover Design Center, Matt shared his vision and we were able to collaborate on designing a 16x24 Swan Custom Pool House that would live up to his expectations. We....

John was in the process of adding a new swimming pool as well as renovating his backyard landscaping and surrounding patio area. His dream was a poolside structure primarily used for entertaining that included a full-service bar with beverage tap, big screen TV, heated seating area, interior bathroom and changing area, plus enclosed storage space. John liked examples of various pool house projects on our website so....

Al and Nancy enjoyed spending time on their backyard sundeck but wanted relief from the direct sunlight they receive much of the afternoon. Al came into our Hanover Design Center looking for options, and we were happy to collaborate on a solution to their problem.

Anita loved spending time sitting out on her backyard deck but wanted to get much more use out of her Stoughton home’s outdoor space. She visited our Hanover Design Center, where we discussed her dream of a beautiful She-Shed with enough room to relax and enjoy her coffee as well as a place for her daughter to hang out with friends.

Chris was in the process of having a new swimming pool installed in his Sudbury home’s beautiful backyard.  The surrounding area is in full sun, and he wanted a large structure for shade and for covering his planned poolside bar. Chris visited our Bellingham Design Center, where we listened to his needs and then collaborated on designing a custom 12x20 Swan Wood Pavilion.

Ryan added a beautiful swimming pool to his Reading home’s backyard and now needed shade and a space for poolside relaxing and entertaining. He brought his entire family into our Hanover Design Center for consultation; he found the process was surprisingly easy as we developed the perfect plan for a backyard structure to suit his needs. 

Beth was renovating her family’s backyard living area with a new stone patio and an outdoor kitchen island. She wanted to finish the area with an accent piece but was concerned about keeping her cooking and entertaining space open and unobstructed. After visiting our Hanover Design Center, our design consultant suggested a decorative structure that enhances her beautiful Marshfield home's look but doesn’t interfere with....

Ken & Tracey were in the process of renovating their entire patio and pool living area. Since a significant number of trees were to be removed during construction, their primary need was a structure to add much-needed shade over their outdoor seating space.

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