Recent Projects

A.P. Whitaker & Sons is a local contractor who built the Old Colony YMCA. Normally they would build their own cupolas for a project like this. However, this reduced their project efficiency and their ability to focus on other aspects of project management. A.P. Whitaker & Sons engaged Baystate Outdoor Personia to work with their architects to design the cupolas and even exact match the....

The principal of Memorial Elementary School had a vision for an outdoor classroom. She wanted her students to enjoy the fresh air while they learned. The structure would need to be constructed with quality, durable, maintenance free materials. They also needed assistance with the permitting process. She contacted Baystate Outdoor Personia to see what we could do.

Bethany Home of Rhode Island was in the process of upgrading their rehabilitation facility. Their existing outdoor courtyard was created to provide a space that was inviting to both patients and visitors. But something was missing. The space needed an area where people could relax and meditate.

Bethany Home made an appointment to visit our Bellingham facility to discuss their vision for their project. They....

John and Staci were working with both a pool builder and a hardscape contractor to design and build their dream backyard. During the design process, they realized something was missing. They decided that they needed a pool house that would allow them to have a bathroom, a place to change, and a space to relax in. In addition they wanted to have an outside area....

The O’Neil’s have a large family and love to entertain them on their patio. While they made do for years with a temporary tent, sitting on the patio midday was still not an option because of the position of the sun. They also enjoyed sitting out there in the evenings and were attracted to an outdoor room feel. The O’Neil’s decided they wanted a permanent....

A new initiative of Rubicon Builders’ was to identify and use local, reliable sources for subcontractor work. The cupola company they had been working with was not local, which made changes to orders difficult and lead times longer.

Kevin was planning to expand the seating on this back deck to accommodate his love of the outdoors. The old deck had a pergola, but it was small and required a lot of maintenance. It also failed to block any of the sun’s rays. He wanted something maintenance free, functional, but with a classic look.

Kathy had been dreaming of an entire backyard makeover for quite some time. An inground pool was just the thing she wanted. But what was a pool without a pool house? She envisioned a serving area to accommodate a crowd of friends and family along with an indoor area that would provide a space for both relaxation and entertainment. A climate controlled environment was a....

Debbie had a pool and a beautiful back deck with an outdoor kitchen. However, the summer sun made the patio too hot for their enjoyment. Even after the sun went down, enjoyment was far away, because bugs were always bothering them. They also wanted to be able to watch TV when in the pool or relaxing poolside.

Jamas wanted a new shed. He was tired of storing his lawn tractor, yard tools, and gasoline in his attached garage. This was the perfect time for him to install the much needed shed, as he had recently repainted his house and was getting ready to landscape the area next to his garage.

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