Recent Projects

As an accomplished homesteader, Godwin’s collection of backyard animals was rapidly increasing and he needed more room for animal feed and storing all his gardening supplies. After consulting with a number of retailers and contractors in the area, he then visited our Hanover Design Center where he found the perfect solution right in our display yard. Godwin’s search was over as this 12x24 Trestle Storage....

Our client, Tom, was in the process of completely renovating his outdoor living area. Part of his dream backyard included a stone patio overlooking his beautiful swimming pool. Unfortunately, his home's entire backyard is in direct sunlight and he needed a solution for providing shade.

Mike was in the process of giving his home’s backyard a complete makeover including a new swimming pool and surrounding patio living area. To complete his dream of providing his family a backyard destination, Mike wanted to add a pool house to serve as a storage and changing room as well as an outdoor entertaining spot. 

Joe was having a complete renovation to the landscaping on his Norwell, MA property and envisioned the perfect spot to put a new shed for garden tools and general storage. He visited our Hanover Design Center where we discussed his options and eventually recommended a structure that was a good fit for Joe’s needs - a Custom 6x9 Trestle Shed.

Armand and Olga had a new stone patio built complete with fireplace and brick pizza oven. The Shrewsbury couple now needed a way to provide shade over their new living space and had envisioned a two-tiered pergola. They consulted with a number of contractors, unfortunately, none were able to fully appreciate their concept.

Andy wanted a special structure to highlight the walkway leading into his picturesque meadow. He visited our Bellingham Design Center to meet with us to explain his vision and discuss options. A design consultant visited his home to take measurements and thoroughly examine the layout of the property.

Steve’s family was enjoying their new beautiful swimming pool and patio but his home's backyard space was missing much-needed shade for relief on hot sunny days! Steve viewed examples on our website and was inspired to visit our Bellingham location to discuss options and find a solution to his problem. Our design consultant visited Steve’s property and examined the area to get a complete picture....

Lisa and Darrell were adding a new pool and surrounding patio area to their beautiful home’s backyard. To complete their dream of creating a new backyard oasis, the couple wanted to add a pool house to serve as both a changing room and outdoor entertaining spot.  After they visited our Design Center, we were happy to discuss options and recommend the right structure to match....

Mark and Karen wanted to enjoy sitting out on their back porch’s deck but unfortunately, their Medway home is in direct sunlight most of the day with little opportunity for shade. The couple was referred to us by their neighbors who, as previous clients, gladly recommended us to help solve the issue.

Our client, Helen, was having her backyard patio area remodeled and wanted a special place to sit out of the sun while remaining bug-free on summer evenings. She visited our Bellingham Design Center where we discussed the best solution to meet her needs. After collaborating on options we ultimately recommended a Custom 10x12 Swan Gazebo.

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