Recent Projects

The Moulines just signed a contract to have a new pool installed but had not thought about what to do for a pool house. They needed a storage room for all the pool and electrical equipment, a changing room, plus a place to entertain guests and serve food. 

When we first met Laura, it was at her beautiful home right by the ocean. She introduced me to the current shed structure on her property. It was much too small for Laura’s needs and in disrepair. It cried desperately to be replaced with a new structure that would be large enough for her family’s use and fit in with her landscape.

When Baystate first spoke with Justin, he explained to us that he and his wife purchased a home in Norwell, and they were looking for a storage shed for yard equipment, a kayak, and other items. We met at our design center in Hanover where we discussed his needs and interests. We also gave Justin the opportunity to see a variety of sheds of different....

The DaCostas wanted to add shade to and improve the look of their patio.  They visited Baystate’s Bellingham Design Center and liked the look and function of the Nantucket Vinyl Pergola with the E-Z Shade. After visiting with them a second time at their home, we discussed how the pergola could be designed to encompass the entire patio.

The Athol Savings bank was working with an architect along with design firm New England Design to completely renovate their main office service center in Athol, MA. The architectural drawings called for a ten foot wide by thirty-four foot long pergola. Outdoor Personia sat down with all project stakeholders to get a better understanding of what their expectations were for the pergola.

The Davenport family are avid golfers and wanted to create a space so they could hit the greens no matter the weather with a golf simulator. To accommodate their equipment they needed a shed at least fourteen feet wide and more than twenty feet long. Height was also an issue. The Davenports decided on a structure that would measure fifteen feet wide by twenty-two feet....

Hellen wanted to have a comfortable place to sit and enjoy her backyard with her father. However, the heat of the sun was just too much for them. She sought the help of to Baystate Outdoor Personia in finding a solution. 

Julie came to Baystate Outdoor Personia with a very specific design in mind for a new pool house. She brought along a photo she had clipped from a magazine, and while similar, it wasn't exactly what she wanted. However, based off the picture and her verbal description, we constructed a custom pool house that exactly met her needs. 

Katie was looking for a swing set for her family. She wanted a maintenance-free playset that would enhance the look of their yard for years to come and provide her children with a variety of activities that were both safe and enjoyable. Katie also had specific activity centers in mind and wanted the set to reflect those needs.

After looking at a number of wooden....

Cynthia was in the process of opening a new early childhood center in Upton, Massachusetts and needed an outdoor playset. She wanted a playset that would be both safe and child friendly. It was essential that the play surface provide a safe, low impact fall absorbing surface while the activity centers needed to accommodate children of different ages and abilities. Cynthia also desired that the....

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