A Trestle Custom Garage in Medway, MA

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The Stolles wanted to add a two-car garage to their property. Their current garage was too small for all of the personal belongings, lawn and garden tools, and other supplies. They needed a place to house their large Kubota tractor and its attachments. After a walkthrough of our display garage in Bellingham, Massachusetts, they decided to add a second floor with a studio dormer to provide space for a workshop. They also wanted a cupola open to the interior to allow light to filter into the garage. When we laid out the footprint to begin the excavation and foundation work, we suggested that they raise the elevation of the structure to match the elevation of their existing driveway about fifty feet away. They agreed, and we were able to eliminate the downgrade from the existing driveway. Feel free to contact us and speak with one of our garage design consultants today!

A two car Trestle Garage.
A two car Trestle Garage
Starting the building layout process.
The excavation in process.
Building the two car Trestle Garage.
Building the two car Trestle Garage.
Building the two car Trestle Garage.
Building the two car Trestle Garage.
The customer says...

Thank you for your great work, attention to detail, and follow-through.

Wayne S.

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