Outdoor Furniture
Patio chairs

Sit down and stay awhile! Baystate Outdoor treats you to comfortable outdoor furniture so you can relax in your outdoor space.

We offer a wide selection of Adirondack chairs, lounges, gliders, and swings for you to choose from. Choose the style, size, and color to best complement your space and your home.

Constructed from high quality material, these chairs will give you many years of faithful—and relaxing—service.

Get good answers and trustworthy recommendations about outdoor furniture from the experts at Baystate.

Outdoor Seating Solutions

Other people like you have come to Baystate seeking solutions for their outdoor living spaces. Check out these completed projects to see how we created personalized solutions that were exactly what they were looking for.


Sunfaire Garden Bench Sunfaire Garden Bench
Seabrez Children's Chairs Seabrez Children's Chairs
Sunberri Rockers Sunberri Rockers
Dayberri Deep Seating Blue Set Dayberri Deep Seating Blue Set
Blitz Poly Park Bench Blitz Poly Park Bench
Seabrez Adirondack Chairs Seabrez Adirondack Chairs
Seabrez Gliders And Swing Seabrez Gliders And Swing
Poolberri Lounge Poolberri Lounge
Starr Chairs And Table Starr Chairs And Table
Al Fresco Rockers And Side Table Al Fresco Rockers And Side Table
5' Impressia Swing 5' Impressia Swing
Starr 4' Double Glider Starr 4' Double Glider
Veranda Rocking Chairs Veranda Rocking Chairs
Starr Double & Single Gliders with Aurora Round Table Starr Double & Single Gliders with Aurora Round Table
Aurora Chairs With Footrest Aurora Chairs With Footrest
Brezberri Deep Seating Brezberri Deep Seating
Sunfaire Bench And Coffee Table Sunfaire Bench And Coffee Table

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