Custom Zephyr Cupolas in Plymouth, MA

A.P. Whitaker & Sons is a local contractor who built the Old Colony YMCA. Normally they would build their own cupolas for a project like this. However, this reduced their project efficiency and their ability to focus on other aspects of project management. A.P. Whitaker & Sons engaged Baystate Outdoor Personia to work with their architects to design the cupolas and even exact match the metal roof on the building. We built each cupola to the exact specifications provided by the architects.

Old Colony YMCA
Custom Vinyl Cupola with Metal Roof
Custom Cupolas on Old Colony YMCA
Custom Vinyl Cupolas with Metal Roof

Baystate Outdoor Personia works with many contractors and architects to personally design and build cedar and vinyl cupolas for their projects.

The customer says...

They fit like a glove and are exactly what I wanted. Thank you for making it so easy!

Norman W.

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