Building a Soccer Field Pavilion for the Uxbridge Youth Soccer

Uxbridge Youth Soccer (UYS) was working at improving their soccer fields. They decided to convert an existing shed into a snack shack, and needed a sheltered spot for picnic benches where people could watch the game or where the team could gather for functions when they weren’t on the field. Funds were a bit tight, but with Baystate Outdoor Personia generously gifting a portion of the project, Baystate was able to design and build a recreational pavilion that boosted everyone’s team spirit!

blueprint drawing of pavilion
blueprint drawing of pavilion

Since the soccer league needed the pavilion completed by a certain date, we coordinated schedules with the contractor that installed the foundation and helped obtain the building permit. Before long, the work on the new pavilion was underway. We even met the deadline with a few days to spare. Now the UYS has an all-weather pavilion for the team and all their fans.

pavilion at soccer field
building soccer field pavilion
pad for pavilion
opening finished pavilion
The customer says...

This process could not have gone more smoothly. We are amazed at how quickly the project was completed onsite. Baystate Outdoor Personia exceeded every expectation. 

Brian for UYS

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