A Trestle Custom Shed in Wareham, MA

John & Cheryl had spent time researching the style and look of the shed they wanted to build. When they came to Baystate Outdoor Personia, they provided a photo of their dream shed – a 12x20 shed with a front facing reverse dormer, transom windows on three sides and Hardie Board siding painted to match their house.

Custom Shed Front Side

In their quest to find someone to build it they visited a number of other companies. Most would not tackle the project and those that would did not have the build quality that they were desiring. They also wanted someone who would:

  • Take charge of the process,

  • Provide them a drawing with 3D rendering for approval,

  • File for their building permit,

  • Build an appropriate base to support the shed, and

  • Construct the shed in a timely and efficient manner.


Baystate Outdoor Personia started the process by creating a 3D concept drawing for their approval.

3D Concept drawing of custom shed
Custom Shed Blueprint
Custom Shed Blueprint

After John and Cheryl approved the concept drawing, we finalized the building specifications and filed for a building permit. After receiving the permit, we prepared the stone base and built the shed.

Custom Shed with Stone Base
Custom Cupola
Custom Shed

Baystate Outdoor Personia enjoys working with local homeowners to design and build the custom shed of their dreams. Send us a message. We'd love to help make your dreams a reality!

The customer says...

Your crew was great. They created the stone base one day and a few days later they arrived to build the shed. It took them only two days to complete the project. The quality and workmanship was outstanding. Baystate did a great job. Even my neighbors were impressed.

John M.

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