A Trestle Custom Shed in Bellingham, MA

Neil wanted a shed to store his lawn equipment and outdoor furniture. But he faced a number of challenges. First, the spot where he intended to place his shed was not a level - the ground elevation sloped down more that 18 inches. Secondly, he desired the shed to replace part of the fenceline. Finally, Neil had a specific design in mind for the structure.

Outdoor Personia proposed a solution that included a stone base with a retaining wall that allowed us to place the shed exactly where Neil wanted it. We designed and built the 12x18 shed exactly the way Neil envisioned.

Custom Vinyl Shed

We precisely fitted the shed in the fence line so that the fence butted up against the side of the shed.

Custom Vinyl Shed in Fenceline

To enhance the look of the shed, we added a cupola with a weathervane.

Vinyl Cupola with Copper Top On Custom Vinyl Shed
Vinyl Cupola with Copper Top On Custom Vinyl Shed
Custom Vinyl Shed with Ramp and Stone Base

We would be delighted to help you design a vinyl or wooden storage shed to solve your storage solution needs.

The customer says...

The shed looks great, it’s exactly how I had envisioned it.

Neil Y.

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