A Swan Custom Pool House in Medfield, MA

Debbie had a pool and a beautiful back deck with an outdoor kitchen. However, the summer sun made the patio too hot for their enjoyment. Even after the sun went down, enjoyment was far away, because bugs were always bothering them. They also wanted to be able to watch TV when in the pool or relaxing poolside.

Custom Pool House in Medfield, Massachusetts

Baystate Outdoor Personia worked with Debbie to help her get the personalized pool house she was looking for. We provided her with plans that showed every detail of the pool house.

Custom Pool House Blueprint Detials
Custom Pool House Blueprint
Custom Pool House Blueprint

Baystate continued to take the project from design to construction. The Permacast columns matched her house and the character of the arched trim and cupola added the finishing touches to what she envisioned.

Custom Pool House with landscaping in Medfield Massachusetts
Custom Pool House inside with view of pool

The addition of screened curtains help keep insects out of the pool house so they can entertain without the bugs.

Inside of Custom Pool House with ceiling fan
Custom Pool House with screen curtains closed

What are you envisioning in your pool area? Talk to Baystate Outdoor Personia about a personalized pergola, pool house, pavilion, or gazebo to fulfill your dreams.

Custom Pool House Front View
The customer says...

I always wanted a second home and was asking my husband for a place to get away. I use my pool house every day and it has become my home away from home. I was a bit particular about the size and materials I wanted, and Baystate was always willing to accommodate me.

Debbie Y.

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