A Swan Custom Pool House in Hopedale, MA

Peter and his family were in the preliminary stages of having a pool designed and built for their yard. Their house sits on an expansive property that includes the home of their son and his family. The goal was to provide a mosquito-free environment for the entire family to entertain guests and enjoy relaxing poolside. They wanted the structure to provide both a bathroom and changing area. Because they traveled extensively during the summer months, it was important that the pool house provide their family with all the amenities they required without having to use either of their homes. They also desired a large storage space for lawn equipment.

We designed and built a custom pool house that answered the call of each need.

Custom Pool House Blueprint
Custom Pool House Blueprint
Custom Pool House 3D Rendering

Our design included a screened porch to avoid pesky mosquitos and a mini kitchen that included a refrigerator, cupboards, and sink.

Custom Vinyl Pool House with Screened Seating Area
Custom Pool House With Mini Kitchen

We worked closely with the owner’s contractors to coordinate the installation of the utilities and the foundation for the pool house.

Custom Vinyl Pool House
Custom Vinyl Pool House with Storage Area
Custom Vinyl Pool House

Baystate Outdoor Personia enjoys working with local homeowners to design and build the perfect pool house for them.

The customer says...

You guys are great! We love the pool house and our family has and will continue to have many hours of enjoyment moving forward.

Peter E.

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