A Swan Custom Pergola in Norwell, MA

Kevin was planning to expand the seating on this back deck to accommodate his love of the outdoors. The old deck had a pergola, but it was small and required a lot of maintenance. It also failed to block any of the sun’s rays. He wanted something maintenance free, functional, but with a classic look.

Old wooden pergola

Baystate Outdoor Personia designed...

Custom Pergola Blueprint Details
Custom Pergola 3D Mockup
Custom Pergola Blueprint Cross Section

and built a personalized vinyl pergola with a canopy for Kevin.

Custom Vinyl Pergola with Shade Cover

The shade system is a huge relief on the hot sunny afternoons. Now he can enjoy his back deck more without needing to spend time maintaining the pergola.

Custom Vinyl Pergola Front
Custom Vinyl Pergola Side

We would be happy to discuss your project. We design and build custom vinyl pergolas for every taste and need.

Custom Vinyl Pergola
The customer says...

What a great addition to my new deck, love the looks and the shade. I am still amazed at how fast your crew installed it. They did a great job!

Kevin D.

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