A New Steeple Cupola for the Church of the Holy Spirit, Charlestown, RI

The cupola on this century-old church had deteriorated beyond repair and was the source of leaks into the church. With limited funds, parish leaders set out to find an affordable solution.



The church with the old steeple

When they came to Baystate, we recommended removing the existing cupola, repairing the roof, and creating a new maintenance-free vinyl cupola that would provide the look they wanted. There were two other requirements we designed into the solution: access to the interior for the placement and maintenance of a sound system and reinstalling the existing cross at the pinnacle of the new copper top. On the day we arrived to install the new cupola, eager church members were on hand to watch. They chronicled the day’s events by taking pictures as the crane raised each section onto the roof.

lifting a steeple base
lifting a steeple middle part
lifting the steeple's roof
The steeple installation
The church with its finished cupola
The finished steeple cupola
The customer says...

We are all so excited to finally have our church back again. The cupola looks great. Compliments to the entire install crew. We are so pleased with the results.

Ron Russo, Committee Chairman

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