Recent Projects

A Swan Custom Pool House in North Andover, MA

The Viera family was having a pool installed when they visited friends who had a Baystate poolhouse. They suddenly realized what a mistake it would be not to have a pool house too! A big concern for them was keeping their young children out of the sun when they were not in the pool. Now when the kids are tired of playing in the pool....

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A Swan Custom Pergola in North Smithfield, RI

The customer had recently redone the porch deck in front of their house. They enjoyed sitting in this area, but it lacked shade. In addition to shade, they wanted to add character and street appeal to their house. We needed to work with very specific measurements because was very little clearance between the top of the door and the soffit. However, we were able to....

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A Swan Custom Pavilion in Andover, MA

The Kellys were not only looking for a place to entertain friends, but they were also wanted a place where their older children could hang out with their friends at home. They needed shade, a mosquito-free place to relax, and a place where everyone could keep up with big game or golf tournament on TV.

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A Swan Custom Pavilion in Braintree, MA

Janet had a pool installed so her grandchildren would have a place to play when she sat for them every day. She enjoyed watching them have so much fun, but there was no shade by the pool, and she couldn’t watch her favorite daytime TV shows. Well, she can now! The ceiling fan we included is much appreciated as it creates a breeze and keeps....

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A Swan Custom Poolhouse in Norfolk, MA

The Haltoms had specific objectives for the poolhouse they planned for their new pool project. They needed a storage area for lawn and garden equipment as well as winter storage for pool furniture. In addition to including a place to serve and entertain, they wanted to incorporate a changing room into the design. With specific budget constraints in mind, we were able to design a....

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A Swan Custom Poolhouse in Plymouth, MA

Not long after the Cahlins had a pool installed, they realized that they had no shade or storage area nearby for towels and pool equipment. The pool was not close to their home, and the lack of storage was a big inconvenience. When their children’s friends came over to enjoy the pool on a hot summer day, running back and forth to the house became....

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A Swan Custom Pavilion in Holliston, MA

Jack and his wife had recently redone their backyard pool area. They stopped by our Bellingham, Massachusetts, showroom because they were frustrated with the lack of shade at the pool after so many trees had been removed. Discussing this together, we decided that a 14x22 elevated patio would make a great spot for a custom-built pavilion. Overlooking the pool and background, it would create shade....

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