Recent Projects

A Trestle Custom Garage in Hopedale, MA

When we installed the stone base, we were able to accommodate the height difference with additional stone. By leveling the site, we were able to place their new shed precisely where they wanted it.

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A Trestle Custom Shed in Humarock, MA

Mike was a building contractor working on a new development in Humarock. He needed a small structure for maintenance equipment for the facility as well as a place to install some water treatment equipment.

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A Trestle Custom Shed in North Smithfield, RI

Paul and his wife visited our Bellingham showroom in the hunt for a shed. They had been to a few other places, but they did not like the quality of the sheds nor did they want a typical backyard shed. They talked with us in detail about the look, shape, and finish of the shed they envisioned. They liked the look of a carriage house....

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A Trestle Custom Shed in Franklin, MA

Doug was moving to Massachusetts with his family. They had purchased a home, but were concerned about having enough storage space. He was looking for a solution where he could store his lawn equipment as well as overflow boxes of personal belongings. His solution was a 12’x16’ Patriot Sudbury shed with a second floor. We needed to compensate for some site conditions in the location....

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A Swan Custom Pavilion in Bridgewater, MA

This customer was looking for a shaded area to entertain family. The husband comes from a large family (the youngest of eleven siblings), and they have many get-togethers that usually run late into the night. They wanted a place to relax by the pool and listen to music. He plans to add a sound system and TV to the pavilion, so we installed electrical and....

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A Swan Custom Gazebo in Foxboro, MA

The Cerulas were having a deck added to their home. They were looking for a way to escape the sun’s heat (not to mention the insects that descend on their yard in the afternoon and evening). At the same time, they wanted to bring additional beauty to their yard and deck. We discussed several options and they settled on a 12-foot octagonal gazebo with a....

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A Swan Custom Gazebo in Braintree, MA

The Corcoran Management Company, a prominent real estate manager of large-scale apartment complexes, had recently begun managing an apartment complex that was more than 20 years old. In the process of upgrading all the complex's common areas, they contacted Baystate Outdoor Personia for a solution to their dilapidated wood-framed gazebo. They wanted to replace the gazebo with a maintenance-free structure that would add beauty and....

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A Swan Custom Gazebo in Holliston, MA

The Mulcahy’s have a lovely property in Norfolk, MA. As you enter the property, you cross a bridge over a small pond. They could no longer enjoy their gazebo because the cedar-stained roof was deteriorating and many of the spindles were rotted and broken. Only the piers and subfloor were salvageable. We shored up the foundation and built them a new gazebo in preparation for....

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A Swan Custom Pergola in Westwood, MA

This customer was not happy looking at the massive sidewall on the garage side of his house. He wanted something that would enhance the look of the house and give that side of the house some character. He had seen photos of pergolas installed over garage doors and envisioned something similar to break up the large expanse of wall and garage doors.

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A Swan Custom Pergola in Hopkinton, MA

The customer was looking for someone to turn an architect’s idea for a hip roof vinyl pergola into reality. Presented with a drawing, we reviewed the concept with the builder and discovered that their customer was also looking for shade. We then proposed a design that included an E-Z Shade, providing both the hip-roof style and the shade they were looking for.

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